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Yarn, crochet kits, quilts, classes and scrumptious French treats! – It's all here at Crafty Corner in April banner

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Yarn, crochet kits, quilts, classes and scrumptious French treats! – It's all here at Crafty Corner in April

Now this is a really busy corner... but lots of fun. So much to do and so little time! April is always a big month at Crafty Knitwits. The seasons are changing and our customers are getting serious about knitting.

Yarn is fun and delicious!

It really is starting into the serious knitting season now and there is a lot of excitement about all the lovely new yarns and patterns. I can't tell you about them all on this page as it wouldn't fit. But we have some really beautiful new yarns that have now arrived from Italy.
Zara Kid is a must mention as this is a glorious mix of merino and baby kid mohair. It knits as an 8 ply and what a great colour range we have. This is a lovely addition to our existing Zara Range which is bulging at the seams with new shades and a wonderful new print range. The Zara, Zarina, Zara Plus and Zara Kid range of yarn is exquisite and produces top quality garments even from the most basic knitter.  A 'superwash' (machine wash) range, 100% Merino for the mainstream shades. This range of yarn can substitute for most yarns on the market very successfully. It is really worth checking out before you launch into that knitting pattern that you have been dreaming about.
Now there are many more new ranges of yarn in store and I really only have this page so lets leave it there for yarn. Pop in and have a nice cuppa and see for yourself.

Crochet rug kit
You will notice a beautiful crochet rug up on the wall in-store, it really is a piece of art. For this one we have put together a kit so that you can make it yourself. The cost of the kit is $130.50 which is a great price for such an exquisite rug. Of course it requires some effort to make, but great to say to admiring friends... yes I made that!

Beatrix Potter cot quilts
Lovely Beatrix Potter Panels and matching coordinates arrived in store today as I am writing this. Flannel and cotton are available.
This is easy to construct and what a lovely gift for that new baby about to arrive!

Glen Weir Class – Summer in the Park
(Make a new quilt with Glen's guidance while enjoying her wonderful wit and sense of humor)
Message from Glen...
It’s time to be planning a winter project and what nicer thing could there be to do than plan to make a quilt?
The single bed sized quilt I have in mind is made with two Jelly Rolls and has enough left over to make a good size cot quilt.
Why not come along to Crafty Knitwits shop on Monday 28th April for an informal get together at 7pm to select fabric and discuss how often we need to meet and how much we are prepared, or able, to do at home in between classes.
This project would be suitable for all skill levels but use of a sewing machine and rotary cutter will be essential and knowledge of how to use them a
real bonus.
There will be a charge of $10 for each time we meet.
Please register your interest at Crafty Knitwits prior to the 28th so that we know how many people are interested in joining this group.
And talking of scrumptious!
Well to say we have a very busy little cafe would be an understatement! We certainly enjoy it when you love our scones, savories and sandwiches, not to mention our Victoria Sponge.
We have just added a little extra to enhance our style of dining. We have added a few french items to our menu. And yes, they are really baked in France – unfortunately I don't go over and get them every day but I am working on that idea!) they include Petits Fours, Macarons and Lattice Vegetarian Pastries that are now being enjoyed by many of our patrons and very much appreciated by all.
So pop along and enjoy dining in our cosy little corner of the world. Don't forget that booking assures you a table at the time that you want it. We do get busy and we don't like to disappoint by not having a table for you.

Have a great Easter – Linda and Kerry.

Crafty Knitwits. Corner Kitchener & Milford Roads, Milford. Phone 486 2724.

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