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So what's new in Milford th April!?

Your monthly update from Murray Hill, Manager of the Milford Business Association.

I've been doing...
 In past columns I have spoken about the associations efforts to get shop owners and their staff to seek alternatives to driving to work daily to free up car parks for customers. Some participated in a bus trial I arranged and some others are using different means.
To put my money where my mouth is, I have been walking to my office in Milford at least two days a week, only taking the car when I know I have to go out of Milford to a meeting. Interestingly enough, it takes no longer to walk the one kilometre or so from home, than it does to take the car, find a space that allows all day parking and then walk from there to work!
Parking is an issue that I hear all business association managers say they get complaints about, be we can do little things like this to alleviate the problem and create a healthier you at the same time.

Bike Racks
I mentioned we had some arranged through Auckland Transport last year. The wheels of bureaucracy – that take longer than my private enterprise mind likes to think they will – but (fingers crossed), we should have a number of stainless steel bike racks dotted around Milford by the end of April.
Now I wonder if I can talk the business association into providing a push bike as a company vehicle – branded Milford of course. We could rent it out during the day. (Think I have moved over into the "I've been thinking... " movement – I'll leave that to Aidan.)

More development planned for Milford Town Centre
Good news received in our March Board meeting... is that another major land owner in Milford is planning a redevelopment of their site. It's all hush, hush – top secret, etc, so I can't divulge any other details only comment that the best thing that happened a few years ago was Milford business owners and landlords voting positively to form their BID (Business Improvement District).
That decision has lead to a united Milford and is continuing to add quality retailers to the district.
By the time this article is published, yet another top retailer will have opened in the Milford Centre (Mall) and added to the fashion appeal that Milford is continually developing.
Interestingly, Milford did this in response to the council not having a representative body to discuss the Milford Town Centre Strategic plan with in 2006. Despite now having the BID, we are still no closer to having the plan. As work that was supposed to start on it last year by the council didn't, and we are not sure if it is going to start even this year.
However the structure we have in place with the BID and the work done by the Milford Vision Group last year, are really the cornerstones of our future and we are able to move ahead faster than some other associations who are waiting for help from the powers that be!
We are the private enterprise business district – we don't wait for handouts – we just get on with the doing!
Work is moving along at an impressive pace on the new multi-use building next to JustWorkOut and already there has been a suggestion from one of our entrepreneurial business owners to turn it into a medical hub for physio's, osteopaths etc. love the thinking as we are trying to get clusters of like businesses around Milford.
The Food Hub concept (pictured) is another example and done in-house in Milford with mock-up pics from Nuvo Design, an interior fit out specialist operating out of offices here.

Furniture Restoration - A dying art?
Well, not here in Milford! Down the driveway between Milford Print and La Tropezienne, you will find Paragon Restorations, one of the few restoration companies left on the Shore. Segre Hacker, the owner, has been operating his business here for over 11 years and in that time brought life back to many pieces of furniture for people all over Auckland.
I just love his premises – they are the good old-fashioned real craftsman style, no fancy lights and store layout just a working restoration business with all his tools of trade in his workshop segregated by a wall from his showroom. And if you are wondering how good his work is, how does 30 years of doing all the furniture in Government House in Epsom sound as a reference? Nothing else needed, I say.
So if you need that piece of furniture restored, contact Segre on 489-5959, mob. 0274-920-136 email: or visit him at Unit 3, 162 Kitchener Rd, Milford – Open 6 days!
Hey, in this day of online retailing, Segre still does house calls with a no obligation quote. You can see another reason our brand says – Milford, Everyone's Place!

For details on Milford community groups, go to the Milford Residents Association website:

by Murray Hill