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Sleeping with short-sighted, blurry vision. Waking up with a wonder!

If you are short-sighted then this is exciting news. This innovative new Ortho-K solution is available now at OPSM Hurstmere Road. The alternative to wearing spectacles and contact lenses during the day for eligible patients.
OPSM Hurstmere Road Optometrist, Ashreet Nath who is accredited in the speciality explained to Channel Magazine about how this Ortho-K procedure works.

Channel Magazine: What is it?
Ashreet Nath:
It is an advanced, non surgical vision correction procedure that provides excellent vision during the day without glasses, daytime contact lenses or surgery. This procedure is called Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT). It is most commonly known as Ortho-Keratology (ortho-K).

CM: So how does it work?
You sleep in the specially designed Ortho K contact lenses which reshape the front part of your eye while you sleep. The procedure is FDA approved.

CM: Who will benefit the most?
The procedure will benefit a range of people.
Individuals who have short sightedness.
If you're one of the many individuals who experience dry eye or contact lens discomfort.
Active people, including kids, who are involved in physical outdoor activities.
Water lovers! People who love swimming, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, snorkelling, diving etc. It is also good for spa and sauna users as hot steam dries out contact lenses.
Holiday makers! People who go to tropical destinations and want to be free from everything.
Students or office workers who don't want glasses or contact lenses due to tired or dry eyes when they study or use the computer.
People who have careers that don't suit glasses or contact lenses (fashion industry, army, police etc).

CM: How long is the whole course or procedure?
Depending on each individual Initial treatment is seven to 14 days. You might need to wear Ortho K contact lenses once or twice a week when you sleep to maintain the vision.

CM: When can our readers start Ash?
Everyone is entitled to an assessment, so I suggest they call or email us today!

Ortho-K lenses are available at OPSM Hurstmere Road now.
Call or visit the team at OPSM Hurstmere Road. Ashreet Nath (BOptom TPA), Optometrist Director, Shop 8, 62-78 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna. Phone 488 7132, Email:

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