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Education: Takapuna Grammar School

The Country's Top Paint Scholar

Jenny Palmer, one of our 2013 Level 3 Visual Art students, has been awarded full marks for her Paint Scholarship submission. This means that she will be awarded NZQA Top Scholar for 2013 Art-Paint and will be given $2000 a year for the next three years.

A total of 90 of the 330 candidates who sent Paint Folios to be considered for a Scholarship award were successful. Ten of these were given “Outstanding Scholarships” and Jenny was placed at the top of this group.

Jenny used her sister Rosie as the model for the work she created in paint last year. Like all our Visual Arts Scholarship students Jenny had to submit her practical work on three A1 size folio boards and also complete an eight-page workbook. Through sketches, paint studies, artist investigations and reflective comments about her own work, this book expanded on the ideas she explored in her folio. Here is a short extract from Jenny’s writings about her work, some of which is featured on this page:
“The aesthetics of my folio are concerned with the dynamic tension between the complexity and simplicity inherent in Japanese art. The female figure transforms constantly in terms of representation.  She begins as a somewhat submissive, sensual, and perhaps even unidentifiable body, however her presence and vibrancy increases whilst her voyeuristic connotations decrease.  Instead of being devoured by the viewer’s non-consented gaze, she demands respect from the on-looker with her own empowered perspective.”
Jenny will attend AUT this year to study for a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Later in the year, Jenny’s folio in its entirety will be in NZQA’s travelling exhibition, “Top Art”.

Takapuna Grammar Batsmen Excel
Batsmen Matt Chandler and Sam Hinds produced a remarkable opening partnership of 231, batting first against Westlake Boys High School 3rd XI in the Auckland Cricket Secondary Schools’ Cricket Premier 1B (45 over) competition.
It would be a matter for the historians to scour the records and confirm whether in fact 231 is a school record for an opening partnership in a limited overs match; however no-one at the school can remember such a feat. Perhaps not since the days of the great Bert Sutcliffe has such a first-wicket score been posted on the playing fields of Takapuna Grammar School.
The partnership was finally broken when Chandler was out caught in the 37th over for 86 runs. Earlier, Hinds had reached his maiden century. He batted on strongly and was eventually out caught in the 39th over for a magnificent 114 from only 109 deliveries. Hinds and Chandler between them scored 19 fours and 3 sixes. TGS completed their innings with an astonishing total of 312 for 3.
In reply, and in the face of some very accurate bowling and fielding, Westlake were all out for 79 runs, in the 28th over. 

4th Senior Gala Lunch
The Korean community celebrate their elders each year with a lunch, to which seniors and their families are invited along with Korean War veterans, to acknowledge their contribution during the Korean conflict. School students perform a welcome haka, and singers and dancers entertain many hundreds of guests before a banquet is served.
This year honoured guests included the Prime Minster Mr John Key, The Korean Consul in Auckland, Mr Yiho Pak, and MPs Maggie Barry and Melissa Lee. The function is organised and sponsored by the Hi-well Charitable Trust, led by Mr Lim.
After celebratory speeches and the cutting of a cake, traditional Korean games were played for prizes and all guests left with a “gift basket” of Hi-well products.

by Channel Editorial