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Renowned Body Painter, Ecology and Objets d’Art... This month at NorthArt

Northart has had a great start to 2014, having already hosted a very lively and fun members’ exhibition, a survey show of works by renowned photographer Harvey Benge, another photography exhibition by Korean New Zealanders, and
a group show by five abstract painters.

And there are a whole number of exciting new shows coming up in March. Objects & Images: The art of ceramist Graham Ambrose and photographer Howard Williams opens on March 10.

Graham Ambrose was a leading-edge furniture designer before turning his hand to pottery a decade or so ago.  His passion for modernist design and, in particular, minimalism continues to influence his work, and he uses bold colour glazes to complement unadorned shapes. He exhibits nationally and internationally and his work is sought-after by private buyers and collectors both here and overseas. Howard Williams, too, changed course mid career – he was once a ceramist but gave up clay for a camera! While he specialised in photographing art works and local art events (as well as weddings and other bread and butter work) for his day job, he continued to produce his own fine art photography over the years.  This is the first occasion, however, that he has exhibited an extensive body of his work and we are delighted to be presenting it at Northart.
Other exhibitions coming include “The Inside Feeling”, paintings by Judy Blanchard  (17 – 28 March) which explore attitudes to the environment, conservation and ecology, and “First Impressions” by New Zealand born and raised, and New York domiciled, Joanne Gair.
Joanne is best known as a make-up artist and body painter whose body paintings have been featured regularly in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 1999 to more recent editions. She is considered the world's leading trompe-l'œil body painter and make-up artist, and she became famous with a Vanity Fair Demi's Birthday Suit cover of Demi Moore in a body painting in 1992. Her Northart exhibition (30 March – 11 April)  will include drawings, monoprints and other works.
Northart is fortunate to have a large window frontage which is ideal for displaying works of art and craft as they can be viewed both day and night (the spot lights and wall washes provide an extra dramatic effect in the evenings). In the lead up to Easter, to celebrate this important Christian festival and all it stands for, we invited 14 artists to each create a work based on one of the 14 Stations of the Cross. They are currently on display as a walk-by exhibition  and will remain in place until Easter Monday (21 April).

by Channel Editorial