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How Did You Do That?  - As seen on Living Channel banner

INTERIOR TRENDS: with Amanda Niell

How Did You Do That? - As seen on Living Channel

 It’s been a very busy but exciting time for Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer, starring in the second season of the Living Channel’s ‘How Did You Do That?’ programme.  We get the inside scoop on the new show and Amanda and the Designworx team’s involvement...
New Zealand has always had a do-it-yourself attitude and it is indeed a genetic part of who we are. With so many amazing ideas applied to our own living spaces, and often with our own interpretation, the question we quite often hear from friends and family is ‘How did you do that?’ Building on the success of the first series of the programme it was a great to come on board for series two.
The second series focuses on the renovation of a 1980’s brick and cedar home in Auckland. The show continues to educate people on the ‘how-to’ basics but also covers all facets of a renovation including when to call in the professionals, which is where the Designworx team comes in.
Designworx has been responsible for the interior design of the existing property as well as the new wing, which was added to accommodate a large, busy family. As the property is situated on the cliff, overlooking the Manukau Harbour, our design brief focuses on the colours of the ocean and lush green surroundings. The colour scheme reflected these surroundings with blue’s and green’s playing a primary role, but also incorporating the home owners’ desire for an eclectic mix of styles using mid century and contemporary design as well as making the most of today’s technology.
The show was a great opportunity to provide an insight into how the interior design process works and how to incorporate interior design into any renovation. We worked with a fantastic team both on and off screen using some of the latest designs from both here in New Zealand and from further afield.
Working with a TV production crew was a fantastic experience for us – presenters John Cocks (Cocksy) and Amy Schaeffer made us feel right at home in front of the camera and the pace of filming and production kept us on our toes! We love the results and know you will too.
The show is screening on the Living Channel now, so turn in and enjoy the show. Happy viewing!
The Designworx Team

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by Amanda Neill