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Decision Time for Devonport Businesses

This month one of the most important decisions has to be made by local business owners and landlords. The voting takes place on whether the Devonport business district becomes a Business Improvement District (BID) and joins the 46 other business districts across Auckland that benefit from the BID Partnership Programme run in conjunction with the Economic Development Department of the council.

Business owners and landlords have been provided with information on the BID, attended meetings and been visited by the BID project team. As part of the project, a Strategic Plan and Business Management Plan have been developed that would be implemented on a favorable decision occurring.

A lot has happened in the six months since this project began and there are a number of significant projects under way at present in Devonport. The project has given the businesses a sample of promotions that can be run successfully and other initiatives that are available.
One of those initiatives was to encourage businesses to look at other forms of transport to travel to work during the period when car parking is reduced due to the Queens Parade upgrade. An impressive number of businesses, 18 in total, took advantage of a deal negotiated with Auckland Transport where they got concession tickets to try using buses and in some cases, to use the ferry to get to and from work. It is hoped that many will find this an appropriate choice and free car parking spaces for our regular customers.
In the next edition of Channel we will be able to advise you of the outcome of the vote, which we hope will be a positive result so we can move ahead and improve the business district for the everyone’s benefit.

by John Waugh