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I've also been thinking... How good is local shopping in Milford!

Not wishing to steal Aidan's line, but I have also ‘been thinking’... how good it is in Milford to be able to shop locally and buy such good quality and experience service with a warm smile!

For instance, to bake in our cafe, we source our veggies and fruit from Milford Fresh Produce, our meat from Milford Butcher, our bread from Milford Bakers Delight, some of our chocolate treats from Swiss Bakery, our relish from Thirsty Frog Deli, our flowers from Colleen's Flowers, not to mention we bought a couple of lovely water jugs from Arazzo for our tables and some of our kitchen utensils from Surprizes and the Home Store. Aren't we all lucky to have such great stores right here in Milford?

We should all treasure what we have here and support the local shops as much as we can, not only does it help the local businesses but also must help our own pockets and the environment by saving all those car trips to other centres.
Still talking Crafty Knitwits Cafe... it is going well and it is very rewarding to see people enjoying the ambience and the home style cooking.
Moving onto the General 'Crafty Knitwits' Store...
We are now at the start of stocking and knitting for the winter. Hard to believe when it has been so warm, but we have been very busy selling yarn and our new lines are arriving daily.
From Naturally Yarns we have some wonderful new colours in the Possum Amuri range, gorgeous colours and such a lovely yarn! A new range that is out from Naturally is the Merino Silk, lovely smooth yarn and some great supporting patterns, worth checking out! Lots more to come in yet so keep checking us out.
The Stitchsmith has been busy developing some new Chevron Design Cushions using long stitch, really quite simple to do and very striking results, We keep the full range in store. Some delightful fabrics are available as always and a new stash of Fat Quarters to browse through, so a lot to do at Crafty Knitwits. Do drop in and have a cuppa, smell the baking, feel the yarn, take in the colours – a bit of me-time is really good for the soul! Mmm... might drop into Thirsty Frog for a quiet wine before heading home this afternoon!
Crafty Knitwits Store & Cafe, 101 Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone 4862724
or 0212164711 or visit:

by Channel Editorial