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Optometry & Eyewear with Melissa Hay, Visique Milford Optometrists

The Blue Light

 Digital devices seem a way of life to us all now, I know how often I quickly check something up on my smartphone, or the hours I spend on my computer at work.  As we use most of these devices, like our smartphones at a close distance, our eyes are increasingly exposed to the light emitted by the screens of those devices.

Also, our eyes are required to switch continuously between photos, text, illustrations and moving images. The latest research shows that 34% of us use digital devices for 4 hours a day, and 14% of us use these devices for more than 10 hours! It is therefore not surprising that people complain to me about dry, red eyes with blurred vision and feelings of fatigue and headaches.

LCD and LED screens, from TV’s, tablets, smartphones all emit blue light – which is also known as high energy visible light. Surprisingly, as the quality of these screens increase they are increasing the amount of blue light emitted. Blue light is a natural phenomenon present in daylight and it helps us stay awake. But, excessive amounts of blue light can have adverse effects on our eyes and cause strain
and fatigue.
There is a new coating available from Hoya lens manufacturer called BlueControl. This neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens, the benefits include:
Reduction of glare
Enhanced contrast
Prevents eye strain
Prevents fatigue

This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour perception.
There is a large range of natural light, from ultraviolet through visible light. Blue light is close to the ultraviolet end of the spectrum and they are higher energy light rays. Blue light can affect sleep patterns as it alters production of
BlueControl coating is offered in combination with a Diamond Finish anti-reflective coating. This is a super durable coating, offering 5 times more scratch resistance than other anti-reflection coatings which adds even more comfort to the wearer. Another benefit to this coating is that it provides 100% UV protection.
Very few people are able to avoid the use of screen based technology. If you feel your eyes are struggling with your computer devices come and see me to find out more about BlueControl.

Melissa Hay

by Melissa Hay