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Navy Dazzle

Navy Dazzle with John Reynolds
Dazzle paint was developed by the artist Norman Wilkinson and used on ships in the First and Second World Wars to confuse the eyes of the enemy. The geometric shapes made it difficult to visually assess the class, distance, position and movement of ships.
Calling on the tradition of dazzle ships, renowned New Zealand artist John Reynolds paints a large cut-out Anzac Frigate. In wartime, ships were dazzled to challenge the perception of adversaries. In today’s peacetime, John dazzles his ship to ask

What is the role of the Royal New Zealand Navy in today’s society?
How would you dazzle your Navy for the world to see?

This February, John Reynolds and the Navy Museum host Dazzle, a day when you are invited to dazzle your own paper ship and launch it in the grass outside the Museum. The Dazzle Fleet will grow through the day, forming a visitor-created exhibition that will showcase the Navy like never before.
Sunday, February 23 11 - 3
Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Free of charge

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