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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Fullers: Rosalind Usherwood & Holly Moss

Summer means a break from the routine - a chance to get outdoors, enjoy time with friends and family and head away, even if just for the day. Commuter numbers on the ferries drop and most passengers are on board the many North Shore ferry services for leisure. Channel chatted to two such passengers on a Fullers ferry who had chosen to sail away for a day...

Name and occupation? Rosalind Usherwood, chartered accountant and Holly Moss, holistic nutritionist at The Food Pharmacy in Devonport.

Where’s home?

Which ferry? Devonport to Waiheke Island.

The purpose of your trip?
We’ve been to Waiheke to go walking and to a winery for lunch. It’s great to escape for the day!
Rosalind: It’s extremely convenient to hop on the ferry. We’ve done some exercise, seen some lovely sights, had a great laugh and a really nice lunch at Mudbrick Winery. Then, in true Waiheke style, got a lift back to the ferry by a local in a combi van!

Favourite spot on board?
We’re enjoying sitting outside.
Holly: It’s lovely to feel the sea breeze and see the beautiful sights of the Hauraki Gulf.

What else could you do on the time it takes you to make the crossing?
Answer work emails! But not today.
Holly: Make a nutritious green smoothie!

If you could alight anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
I think we’re pretty lucky getting off here, so this is exactly where I’d chose to be. There were two cruise ships in the harbour today, which I’m sure will be full of people thinking this place is a dream destination.
Rosalind: Absolutely - to have all this on our doorstep is very special.

An all-time favourite captain?
It would have to be Richard Gere from An Officer and a Gentleman!
Rosalind: I’m not sure if he was a captain or not, but in any case, I’d have to agree.

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