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Exciting New Arrivals For 2014

Thankfully we are continuing to 'find' lots of weird and unusual pieces locally. Often these simply "walk in the door" – accompanied by their owners of course!
It really never ceases to amaze me what amazing old things are still hidden away out there.
Our Agent in Peru also continues to find some rare and wonderful pieces for us. Whilst we tend to bring in a lot of old religious pieces we also get some very quirky items such as an Imperial Guards Uniform, a Matadors Jacket, and some fabulous old French light fittings (see pics below).
Just arrived in we have three old Retablos (as pictured – devotional paintings using folk art and iconography derived from traditional Catholic church art). One is a stunning old shrine of The Madonna, circa 1910-1920, and the other two are 1940's Folk Art depictions using oil on wood with gilt frames. One is Our Lady of The Milk with Baby Jesus, and the other is Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus. Both are wonderful striking examples of Peruvian Highlands Folk Art. As well as being of religious significance there is now a trend worldwide for such lovely old pieces to be used as highly collectible unusual and striking interior decor pieces – so not only great to look at but also sound collectible investments for the future.
In mid April Noelene and I leave once again for the UK on our annual buying trip. This time we will initially spend some 10 days 'rampaging' in Yorkshire and the north for our spoils before heading back down to the beautiful west country
for a few weeks of gathering even more 'goodies'.
Wishing you all a prosperous and happy new year.
– Bernard.

by Bernard Molloy