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Food and Fabrics A furiously fast start to 2014!

Our days so far in 2014 have been action-packed with the Crafty Knitwits store and the café being very busy.  Currently we have a wool sale on and everyone is taking advantage of the great prices to stock up their stash and rightly so.

Real bargains still available with Tahki Rio (alpaca & silk) going for $6 a hank and Bubbles – great Italian kiddies yarn (merino mix) going for $3 a ball. Not to mention many other yarns going at below cost prices, clearing the way for new indent yarns coming in March. So be quick for these bargains!

On the fabric side of the store we do have a few sale bolts left, but we also have some gorgeous Guttermann (French Cottage Collection) cotton just arrived. These cottons are suitable for quilting and clothing... width being 150cm. We also have a small range of Kaffe Fassett in-store now.  In addition, some William Morris Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarters arrived today. So these are all worth a look!

Crafty Knitwits 2014 Classes
Our class lists are not ready for publication yet, so look for this in the March edition of Channel Magazine.

Crafty Knitwits Cafe Pumping!
And well, yes, to mention the change of pace with the Café now in full swing would be an understatement. We underestimated just how popular the old traditional style dining would become.
Our aim with the Crafty Knitwits Cafe was to capture the way things used to be a little, by providing a service that harks back to our grandmother’s time and everyone seems to love it. We have had great comments from our customers. These include:- "Love the tablecloths and serviettes." "The scones taste just like “real” scones used to taste." "I feel like I have just been to Paris!" "Mum used to make those butterfly cakes." "Wow that is some Victoria Sponge." "How nice to have fresh club sandwiches made to order." "Coffee is great! No bitter taste." "Great pot of tea!" "Nice peaceful and relaxing." "Best High Tea in Auckland."
The cafe has been a lot of hard work, especially in setup mode and the positive feedback is great to hear and keeps us going. Yes, we do have to get here early to bake each day, so the food is always fresh in the cabinet daily. And, yes, we do have to launder the tablecloths and serviettes and, even more yes, we do have to iron them ready for each day.
But we think that our vision of a great haven on the corner of Milford and Kitchener Roads is no less than Milford deserves – a little oasis of creativity. Good food and good company never did anyone any harm.
One thing we find is that we often run out of inside tables and this is okay on fine days as we have some lovely spots for people to sit outside. But if the weather is not so good, then we have to turn people away... not something we want to do. So if you want to meet a friend here, booking a table can save disappointment.

Crafty Knitwits Store & Cafe, 101 Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone 4862724
or 0212164711 or visit:

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