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Working with flowers all day every day is a dream come true for a likeable lady who is surely one of the Shore’s smiliest store owners.  

When Sylvia Kwon began to run her own floral design business 10 years ago it was the culmination of a long journey and its not only her customers who are loving her work.In her native Korea, being a self-employed woman in business was not an option, she explains, so when she and her husband moved to New Zealand with their two children in 1995, Sylvia made her dream of running a florists shop come true on the North Shore. She runs Flowers by Sylvia in Milford Shopping Centre.

“I am so happy!” Beams the diminutive and elegant Sylvia. “When I was young, I was always interested in flowers. My mother used to do Ikibana - a type of Japanese flower arranging and I was always beside her, watching and helping her.

Language was a difficulty for Sylvia at first, but over the years she has developed good relationships with her local customers.

“It was very hard at first to learn English. But when I opened the business, every day I met lots of people,” she said. “I have had many conversations with my customers over the years so now my English has improved a lot, well, a little!”

For Valentine’s Day, Sylvia has noticed a change in trends over recent years. She said: “About three years ago, people started moving away from the traditional red roses and went more and more for mixed bouquets. I guess a big factor is price.”

Her personal favourite flower is the Sweet William, which she enjoys incorporating into bouquets at her Milford Centre shop. Being one of the closest florists to North Shore Hospital, Sylvia has found the smaller, less expensive posies to be popular as being affordable and a convenient size for hospital rooms and wards. These start from just $10.

Sylvia added: “People are so nice here on the Shore! It feels comfortable. I love my job!”

Flowers by Sylvia, Milford Shopping Centre, Milford Road 09 488 7878.

Open seven days. 

by Channel Editorial