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OPTOMETRY & EYEWEAR with Melissa Hay, Visique Milford

Sleeping your way to perfect vision

For her first article of 2014, our resident columnist from Visique Optometrists, Melissa Hay has a look at life-changing lenses available at her Milford practice...

Optometrists have developed a way to give people 20/20 vision, and the only effort required is a good night’s sleep.

Using an innovative new system called Orthokeratology (also known as OrthoK), Visique Milford Optometrists takes precise measurements to individually fit a special corrective nighttime only contact lens for an individual’s eyes.

The therapeutic contact lenses are only worn overnight – leaving users with perfect vision all day with no need for glasses or contact lenses.
“Its one of those things that seem too good to be true, but most people get about 80% of the effect after the first night, then over several nights it builds up and clarifies and sharpens vision” says Logan Cooke Optometrist.
These special contact lenses work by moulding natural cell regeneration into an ideal corneal shape.
The system is completely non-invasive and is not painful.  The lenses are made of a special material which allows the eye to still breathe while they are worn.  Most people don’t even notice they are wearing them after the first couple of nights.
After the initial few months, users can even skip a night without any negative effect – or if they choose, they can stop wearing them all together and their eyes will gradually return to their natural state.
The lenses are suitable for most ages and stages, with new technology allowing them to correct presbyopia – or needing reading glasses over 45
years old.
“They are especially good for children and young people who are short-sighted because their vision can get worse and OrthoK just stops it in its tracks,” say Logan.  “So we can do something to not only improve their vision in the short term, but also give them better vision for the rest of their life.”
OrthoK is about a third of the cost of laser surgery and requires a couple of appointments just to get the initial fit right and teach you how to use them.  But also, to follow your eyes up a few times to check everything is going as it should be.  Ongoing costs are comparable to regular contact lens wear after the first year.
The initial consultation for these special lenses is absolutely free – so come and ask us about this unique solution to your vision!

by Melissa Hay