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2014 - Full Of Promise For Devonport Business

Welcome to 2014. We hope your festive season was full of joy and you have started the New Year with a holiday break – no matter how short!

In March, Devonport Village business owners and landlords will vote on whether your favourite shopping and business centre here in Devonport, becomes a Business Improvement District (BID) – a situation where all businesses contribute to a pool of money to provide sufficient funds to run the business district professionally – as happens currently in 45 other business districts around Auckland.

If successful, this will have a major impact on the business district and the local community with many positive benefits. We have already sampled this with the Travel Promotion run prior to Christmas. With well in excess of 10,000 entries from 75 local businesses in the Village and Wharf, you, as a community, have told us you want more of this type of activity. And this is only one aspect of the BID programme!
The winner of the $1500 Travel Promotion, was local St Leo’s School Principal Mary Kedzlie who filled in the winning entry at one of our unique businesses, Devonport Ceramics (just down the side of Ike’s).
Congratulations Mary – we hope you have a wonderful holiday with this prize funded by the Devonport Business Association.
(Thanks also to John Ashton at New World for having the draw in your supermarket and to Mike Cohen, our local Community Board Chairman, for making the draw!)
On December 11, our President, David Barton, ran a Devonport Village Forum attended by a number of Devonport Village stakeholders such as landlords, businesses, architects etc. The purpose was to understand each others points of view with regards the present and future of Devonport Village and how the rules in the Sep 30, 2013 notified Unitary Plan would affect Devonport Village. The idea for this initiative came from the success of the Milford Village Forum, which came together to build a consensus driven submission to the draft Unitary Plan.
The forum was well attended and all participants contributed in a positive way. A follow-up meeting will be held and the Business Association will then prepare a submission to the Unitary Plan by February 28, 2014 that reflects the various points of view and contributions.

by John Waugh