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How to maximise the sale value of your car

Rob Bonnici is the Car Guy. Rob lives, eats and breathes car cleaning products and services. Having a background in chemicals, car cleaning products and now owning a seven day a week car cleaning and grooming centre, he is without a doubt the most passionate and the most knowledgeable car guy in New Zealand. Rob, along with his wife Siobhan, owns Car-fé facing the motorway in Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna. Rob is more than happy to help you out with any car cleaning issues.
Email: or Phone 488-7000.

We have found that over the past three years there are some things that are a must to do when grooming your car for resale.

  1. Adding a Wax or polish will enhance the exterior shine to your car if there is a lot of the same brand and year, you want yours to stand out.

  2. Invest in a good wheel degreaser to help brake down the brake dust build up to show off your wheels.

  3. Always dress your tyres as it makes them look new. Check under your guards to see if they are clean usually you can use your tyre dressing to shine your guards.

  4. The drivers entry is the most scrutinised and viewed part of your car so, clean the door shuts and add a wax or polish to the inside of the door and shut. Clean your foot pedals and foot rest (do not put any silicone products on these as you do not want them to be slippery!).

  5. When vacuuming push your seats all the way forward then all the way back to give you access to underneath the seat and the sides of your seat. Remember to lift up the back seats and under the spare tyre compartments so you remove any nasty surprises before the potential buyers reviews.

  6. Review your seats once vacuumed. Do they need a shampoo? Also review your mats. This is easy to do and cleaning your seats gives your car a huge lift.

  7. Clean and apply a dash enhancer to make all of your dash, door panels and centre console look clean and refreshed.

  8. Remember to clean your windows this gives the car that feel of buying a car off the lot.

  9. If you carry pets or smoke in your car you should invest in a fragrance to make the smell more acceptable to your potential buyer. Or better still invest in a fragrance boom which will eliminate the smell.

  10. Check your window wiper blades they are not expensive and new blades clean your windscreen so much better than worn out ones especially around winter.

These tips will set your car apart from the competitors and maximise your return on your investment.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 09 488 7000 to discuss. Regards, Robert & Siobhan Bonnici.

by Rob Bonnici