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Education: Pinehurst School

Chook Chook Great Success

Year 10 Pinehurst School students recently put on the production Chook Chook by New Zealand author, Fiona Farrell. Taking full responsibility for their own class production, their effort was significant, producing an extremely professional show that captured the audience’s attention throughout.
Chook Chook tells the story of four battery hens and how they deal with the issues of confinement and production. This comedy follows them as they begin to clash over their ideals on life.
Students undertook all roles, the direction – Ben O’Meara and Bethany Stuart, Costumes – Janelle Lawson with help from Eve Kerner, Set and Programme Design – Rachel White, Sound and Lighting – Amber Soljan and actors Charlotte Glucina, Bianca Escobar-Flaunty, Emma Cooper-Williams and Jade Wickman (pictured).

2014 Pinehurst Senior College Student Leaders
Congratulations to the following Pinehurst Senior College student leaders who have been nominated 2014 prefects and house captains for Pinehurst School.
2014 Head Girl - Mariah Hebden
2014 Head Boy - Alasdair Morton
Deputy Head Girl - Hilary Parsons
Deputy Head Boy - Tyler Soljan
Prefect - Liam Stuart
Prefect - Tannan Bonneau
Prefect - Tayla Furlong
Prefect - Olivia Botica
Prefect - Paris Brocherie
Prefect - Lucy Clarke
Kauri House Captain - Robin Page
Matai House Captain - Harry Walsh
Rimu House Captain - Georgie Glover Clark
Totara House Captain - Lydia Lee

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