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Education: Rosmini College

Rosmini uses cyberspace to raise funds for the Philippines

Rosmini students and their families, along with thousands of people throughout New Zealand, were horrified to see pictures of the devastating effect of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines on the TV news. The Rosmini College community really felt for the millions of people of the Philippines, whose lives and livelihoods were destroyed. Our school’s motto is ‘Charity Fulfils the Law’ and we saw it as our Christian duty to reach out to our Pacific neighbours in need.

After a conversation between the Director of Religious Studies, Steve Mills, and the school’s IT specialist, Andre Basel, it was decided to launch an online appeal on the school’s website. The website contained information about the disaster along with a You Tube clip. With the help of a parent who happened to be in the Philippines producing a TV 3 documentary on the disaster, the website was also fed with up-to-date photos of the crisis. Students were encouraged to watch the documentary with their families and the appeal was also advertised around the school with photos of the devastation.

The school expected to raise several thousand dollars in this way. The money raised was to be sent to Caritas, which is the Catholic Church’s organisation that works for justice and peace in the world. Immediately after the typhoon, Caritas had teams of people working to improve the lives of those in the worst affected areas but they badly needed funds to do this.

In the two weeks following the launch of the appeal, we were ‘blown away’ by the generosity of people in our Rosminian community as the online donations quickly mounted. At the same time our students (only Years 7 – 10, as the seniors were on exam leave) raised money through a ‘mufti day’ donation. Close to $1800 was gathered on this day and, with the incredible donations online, over $16,000 was able to be contributed from Rosmini to the Caritas emergency response.

Caritas representatives attended a school assembly in early December to thank the school personally for the fundraising effort and our students were shown photos of places where the money is being used to provide scores of families with food packs, hygiene kits, garden kits, etc. The spirit of giving invaded cyberspace in a big way and the experience has shown us a new and much improved way of raising funds for worthy causes.

Poetry in motion

Nicholas Wood and Michael Kim were finalists and were interviewed on 2nd November by New Zealand Japan Society of Auckland for the Japanese poem and calligraphy contest.

Congratulations to Nicholas Wood, Year 11, who won the 3rd prize and was competing against schools from throughout New Zealand (Years 10-13).

His poem was 手の中に ぽかぽかボール ぼくのねこ .

The Haiku (Japanese poem) and Shodo (calligraphy) competition aims to provide an opportunity for learners of the Japanese language to express their thoughts and feelings in a Japanese poem and to experience the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy.

Students were required to compose a Haiku poem in Japanese, in the form of 3 lines consisting of 5, 7 and 5 syllables, and write it on a long strip of paper vertically with a writing brush (hude) and ink (sumi). Haiku poems were judged based on the content (creativity and interest), the use of the Japanese language (expressions and accuracy), and the writing of the poem in calligraphy.

Mrs. Crosby is very proud of her students who have achieved these remarkable results.

Drumming Success

Congratulation to Yr 7 Rosmini College student Filip Kus, who won the APO Little Drummer Competition. Filip was selected to perform with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in a series of Christmas concerts at the Auckland Town Hall.


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