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Education: Westlake Girls High School

Leading Prefects Represent Westlake Girls At Student Leadership Conference In Australia

Westlake Girls High School Principal, Roz Mexted, is committed to developing student leadership from Year 9 through to Year 13 via a range of opportunities and initiatives aimed at increasing self -responsibility, empathy, confidence and resilience. The ultimate reward for being selected as Westlake Girls High School’s top two Prefects each year is attending a student leadership conference in Australia. It is something Roz Mexted introduced in 2013. Head Prefect for 2014, Kate Burley joined her Deputy, Dayeon Lee for the experience in mid- January. They write their reflections below.

Head Prefect 2014 - Kate Burley
I felt privileged to join 160 girls at The Alliance of Girls Schools, Student Leadership Conference, held 15 to 19 January 2014 on Australia’s Gold Coast. The course was facilitated by Rising Generations and the theme was ‘AWAKEN’, with the purpose to ‘awaken’ leadership potential and the capacity of those we lead.
We learnt about self-analysis, to be precise and how differing personalities complement each other, how to apply it personally and within our Prefect Team for 2014. Daily workshops focussed on different aspects of leadership: passion, vision, values, resilience and service.
Over the five days we heard from successful women leaders - Robyn Moore, Deborah Thomas and Layne Beachly - sharing their life stories and what success means to them. In addition to learning how to be the best leader I can be, I met some of the most genuine, kind hearted, determined girls that shared the same visions and values as me. After sharing this experience with them over five days, saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.
It is difficult to find the words to express how valuable this experience was to me. If I had to, I would use words such as uplifting, inspirational and life changing. But now the most important thing is to pass on what I have experienced to my 2014 Prefect Team so we can inspire our girls to pursue their own individual excellence and have fun while doing it.

Deputy Head Prefect 2014 - Daeyon Lee
As Deputy Head Prefect of Westlake Girls High School, I was fortunate to attend SLC2014 along with Head Prefect, Kate Burley. 160 schools throughout Australasia sent their top 2014 student leaders to maximise their leadership potential for the coming year.
On our flight to Australia, Kate and I exchanged thoughts about spending five days with 160 of New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and the Philippines’ student leaders. We we were full of excitement a little nervous.
Arriving at the Mercure Gold Coast Resort, we were greeted by friendly grins and hugs from other participants. As the day progressed, however, I remember thinking that I had never met a group of more exceptionally talented, eloquent and kind-hearted young women. It was peculiar, yet understandable, that all leaders were like-minded with common personality characteristics.
The following few days were action-packed and highlights included a five hour “Amazing Race” team challenge along Main Beach, Surfers Paradise; the “Women in the Workplace Panel” where four Australian female leaders were interviewed; a “Cultural Awareness Project” where students viewed one of the world’s largest collection of Aboriginal artwork and then attempted to paint a piece; workshops dedicated to exploring communication, passion, vision and resilience in leaders and speeches from well-known leaders.
Overall, the Student Leadership Conference of 2014 can be hailed as a milestone in our lives. Over a period of merely five days, all challenges we accomplished. The women who spoke and the friendships made resulted in the SLC2014 experience being unforgettable. We have both grown as people and leaders, excited and ready to tackle the bright year ahead of us as Westlake
Girls Prefects.

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