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Salad & Other Things: with Sumo Salad

Happy New Year to all!

We hope 2014 has been kind to you so far. Well the weather has been pretty good so one would hope that your barbie has been cranked to the max and you have been creative with the accompanying salads. Maybe you’ve taken some inspiration from last year's recipes!

If not…we always have plenty of salads here at Sumo for you to takeaway and add to the evening meal or entertainment menu. We are always here quite late for our good old customers, or just someone on the run down the street desperate to find some healthy alternatives for takeaways!

We have decided to share a Watermelon Salad Recipe with you this month as the watermelons are now plentiful and a great price! Such a delicious and refreshing fruit for our beautiful sunny weather. I cannot remember who I sourced this from but I can remember it was at a BBQ after a Round the Bays run and forgetting the meat and sausage and just hoeing into this salad.
On our last trip to Aussie with the kids, we took a trip out to the markets and were so excited looking at all the variety of fruit and vegetables before our eyes! Being very healthy eaters and loving the abundance of fresh produce, it wasn’t long before the four of us were absolutely laden with our bags of goodies (no junk food amongst any of it!) We struggled on the bus with great delight at taking the weight off of our arms. The funniest part was our watermelon that we humourosly named “Bob!” Bob was so so huge that we actually had to roll him home! He weighed in at 14kg, and was just too heavy for us to handle with all our other produce in tow! Bob even made it into our holiday photos!
Anyway, Bob tasted delicious and a great holiday was had by all! Roll on the next one (pardon the pun!) – for we desperately need a break.  It’s been four years and two months of hard slog!
Sharing our gorgeous recipe with you is such a pleasure. If you don’t enjoy olives too much, you could change it to grapes – we’ve done this – same look different taste!

Bits and Bobs
1 spring onion chopped
750g of watermelon flesh roughly cut into 1cm squares
125g of feta cut the same
2 tbsp of olive oil
¼ cup of lime juice
½  cup of pitted olives
Finely chop spring onion and soak in lime juice and wait a few minutes. Make a cup of tea or cut watermelon and feta as required. Add olive oil to the onion and lime and mix to make a dressing.  Add heaps of cracked pepper but do not worry about salt plenty in the feta and olives. Mix feta and watermelon  in a bowl and dress.  Chuck it all on a bed of mesculin or rocket throw over the olives and serve.

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