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New Year Netball News

I hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday over
the Christmas break. Over the New Year, many of us would have made New Year’s resolutions that generally involve our health, wellbeing, or to spend more time doing activities we love or are good at etc. How many of us think about donating some of our time to volunteering? Generally speaking, doing an act of goodwill or volunteering to help others typically ticks all of the boxes mentioned above. It certainly makes you feel good knowing you are helping others and giving back to the community!

Sport cannot be played or run without volunteers and there is a role or project (large or small) that will suit all types of skills. You need not have played netball, or have had a child that did to be involved in netball, give us a call as we always have a task that we’d appreciate some assistance with. Visit our website for more information

2014 is now upon us and is shaping up to be an extremely busy year again for us at Netball North Harbour. Early in the new year we are launching a new social ‘inside 5 a-side’ league on a Monday evening for mixed teams in the Onewa Arena. With the success over the past two years of the International Fast5 series, we are enthusiastic about growing our own version of the game for the North Shore community. For further information on this competition please visit our website or you can contact:
Netball North Harbour is proud to announce our commitment to excellence through the establishment of a High Performance Development Programme (HPDP) in 2014 to enable us to secure our position as a leader and dominant netball centre.  Judy Weston has been appointed to lead the new Netball North Harbour High Performance
Development Programme.
Judy is returning to take up the position at  Netball North Harbour, after an absence of 10 years, bringing with her a vast knowledge and experience in running successful High Performance Programmes.
Registrations are currently being accepted for the Under 17 and Under 15 squads for trials in February and are available either from our website or
from reception.
We are looking forward to another enjoyable year of netball in 2014 and are excited about the new competitions and programmes we are introducing, in addition to the many well established competitions and tournaments regularly held at Netball North Harbour.
See you at the courts soon!

by Channel Editorial