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New Year New Body

Joseph Pilates's ambitious promise to his clients was that after 10 lessons they would feel different, after 20 lessons they would look different, and after 30 lessons they would have a new body. At Pilates Unlimited, the team is committed to delivering the same results Joseph Pilates produced in his original New York studio.
Pilates Unlimited clients, many of whom have been with the studio for 10 to 14 years, find authentic Pilates helps them improve posture, strengthen their whole bodies, support their backs, increase flexibility, relieve stress, and enjoy life to the fullest!
The team at Pilates Unlimited practice what they preach - at the studio's end-of-year party the team performed an advanced Reformer demonstration taught by master teacher trainer Cynthia Lochard. Regular training workshops ensure that the team are well-prepared to teach everyone from the injured to the super-fit.
If you're intrigued by the sound of authentic Pilates and want to make 2014 a year of wellbeing and strength, feel free to call Pilates Unlimited! The team: Carole, Ray, Lizzie, Harriette, Cheryl and Vanessa will be happy to show you around the studio. Regular sessions two to three times per week give great benefits and each session is tailored to clients' individual needs and goals.
The studio is already looking forward to visits from several international teacher trainers this year, and is in full swing helping clients start the year
feeling great.

For more information or to book a session, contact the studio on 486 1018 or email

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