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Escape Day Spa: Looking as young as you feel?

At no time in history have people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s felt as youthful and been as active as today. Nevertheless, many of us are concerned about looking “old” and tired.  Our face and skin reveal our history and lifestyle: the wrinkles and fine lines, the colour of the sclera, the firmness and pigmentation of the skin and so on. While the process of ageing cannot be stopped entirely, it can certainly be slowed down, and the team at ESCAPE Day Spa in Takapuna get amazing results with a variety of rejuvenating facials that can be enhanced by Omnilux light therapy, Intense Pulsed Light or Microdermabrasion.

Here are our TOP TIPS for slowing down the process of aging day to day:

  1. Protect your skin from the sun – although this is obvious, many of us still like to ‘roast’. Excessive sun exposure damages collagen and elastin fibres, thus encouraging wrinkles and premature aging!

  2. Increase your intake of fish, fish oil or flaxseed oil, as omega-3-Essential Fatty Acids are not only good for brain function, but have been found to reduce some of the skin damage done by sunburn, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles.

  3. Don’t smoke – one of the many negative effects of smoking is that it leads to dehydration and as a result the skin of smokers ages much faster than that of non-smokers.

  4. Support your liver! Poor liver function leads to age spots (also called liver spots) which are mainly seen on the back of hands and in the face, and generally poor skin tone. Have a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning to kick-start the elimination of toxins. Once a year, do a full liver detox or take a course of the herb Milk Thistle which is a great liver tonic. As women come into menopause, liver function often declines, so be extra careful with that heavy meal or second glass of wine.

  5. Hydration is key for good skin texture. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day and use hydrating skin care products with hyaluronic acid, such as Comfort Zone’s Hydromemory Serum or Mask.

  6. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and E, powerful antioxidants which fight the cell-damage and destruction caused by free radicals. You might also like to take 1000mg of Vitamin C as a supplement, as Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production which is important for maintaining good skin tone and tissue strength. Our therapists recommend Environ’s AVST range and C-Boost as skin care products that contain active amounts of these Vitamins.

  7. Get enough ‘beauty’ sleep and ‘off-time’ for relaxed smooth skin without frown lines. If stress is an on-going problem and affects your sleep, look at possible nutrient deficiencies (such as a lack of magnesium), cut down on the coffee, avoid heavy meals in the evening and learn relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. Regular exercise can also help to reduce stress levels.

  8. Most importantly: Smile! Smile! Smile! – it takes 10 years off your age (and gives those facial muscles some exercise at the same time).

Happiness is Beauty

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