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We are really looking forward to this festive season.
It will be wonderful to have all the family, bar one daughter still on her O.E. in the country for Christmas and especially to  share  the summer with them all. I always thought that once the kids left home you regained your freedom and independence but Bad Jelly already has so many family events planned that I am in danger of missing out on some  of the annual, “set in stone”, boys’ weekends if I am not very determined and careful.

Firstly though, I am told we have to organise Christmas gifts, not too extravagant and definitely practical, for them all this year as they are setting up home all over again, having been away for a couple of years. Really there are so many things we could give them right here at Home Fabrics; beach towels and hooded towels for the kids and adults. Lovely new cotton sheets, bathrobes, towels mohair rugs and duvet covers, espresso summer blankets , toiletries and feather pillows, and, of course, there are also the luxurious feather toppers. (The grandkids just love snuggling up to Bad Jelly in the big feather bed, while poor Grandad has to be content with a blow up bed on the floor.)
It really is worth a visit to Home Fabrics to view our range of wonderful Christmas gift ideas.
All the best for the festive season. May you all have a wonderful family time, with just enough time for yourselves as well.
Gerald and all the crew at Home Fabrics

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