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Education: Westlake Girls High School

Major academic awards

Supreme Academic Awards    

DUX – cup presented by Ms L Moodie to Naomi Stuart (pictured)     

The Beth Porteous Cup for Proxime Accessit: Laura Staveley     

Cup for Best All-Round Pupil in Cultural, Academic and Leadership Achievements: Alice Allfree

Cup for Best All-Round Pupil in Sporting, Academic and Leadership Achievements presented by Mr and Mrs W Phillips: Bronwyn Kjestrup

Cup for Citizenship presented by Mr A Jeffries: Yan Lok Tse

Sports Dinner

The 2013 Sporting Excellence Awards were held at Westlake Boys High School on Thursday 7 November.  After another outstanding sporting year, the task of selecting top awards was extremely difficult with most awards closely contested.  The top award recipients for 2013 were:

Sportswoman of the Year – Bronwyn Kjestrup

Young Sportswoman of the Year – Yeon Su Lee

Sporting All Rounder – Sammi Stanton

Student Coach of the Year – Bronwyn Kjestrup and Elena Brown

Volunteer of the Year – Lucille Vukets

Coach of the Year – Dave Vukets

Team of the Year – Rowing Under 16 Four’s

Future Problem Solving Success

This has been a highly successful year for Westlake’s Future Problem Solving teams.  A Senior team and a Senior individual were selected for FPS Nationals. This makes the team one of the top four in the country and our individual Angela Zhang one of the top three. The team was made up of Jennifer Li, Angela Sun, Catherine Song and Lucy Qiu.  The FPS students were coached by Steff Chambers and Neroli Scollay.

 FPS National Finals were held from 2-4 November at Carey Park in Henderson. The girls achieved podium finishes in every category: 1st in the Flag-making competition, 3rd in the Senior Dramatic Presentation, 3rd in the Senior Booklet and most importantly 2nd in the Team Booklet, which was a very closely fought competition.  Our team was one of two selected to go to Iowa State University to attend FPS Internationals held from 12-15 June in 2014.

In addition, as a Nationals competitor associated with a school who qualified for Internationals, Angela Zhang can also attend as a multi-affiliate competitor who will join with other students to form a competitive team.

Outward Bound Opportunity for Westlake Students

Westlake Girls High School is most grateful to the generosity of the Trustees of the St Patrick’s Day Charity Classic. Funds raised by this charity are being used to send two Year 11 students to the Mind, Body and Soul course at Outward Bound from 4–24 January 2014. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students with each scholarship worth around $4000.

During the three-week course the students will experience all the outdoor elements and adventure activities that Outward Bound has to offer like sailing, kayaking, bush craft, rock climbing and navigation. They will be challenged both physically and mentally and will leave with a strong sense of personal responsibility, independence and motivation.

Courtney Miller (Westlake student in 2004) was the first recipient of this award. The generosity of the St Patrick’s Day Charity Classic has now successfully helped eighteen North Shore students to attend this once in a lifetime experience.

Grace Phillips and Echezona Unamadu were selected to attend this course. They met with three of the trustees where they were presented with their tickets, back packs and t-shirts. 

We look forward to their presentation at the start of Term 1 where they will share their experiences with the rest of the school.

Experiencing Fair Trade at First Hand

The All Good Banana Company, a Fair Trade organisation, treated our Year 11 Social Studies classes to a hand of organic bananas and a talk by Wilson Sanchez on his life as a small banana farmer living sustainably in the rainforest high in the Andean mountains in Ecuador. The All Good Banana Company works with the El Guabo cooperative to ensure a fair deal for the people who grow this sweet, tasty and chemical free fruit. Wilson has been able to send his children to school because of Fair Trade. Wilson’s daughter came along to tell the class what it is like to be a student in Ecuador and how important Fair Trade has been for her family. Wilson’s son enjoys school too and, unlike many children around the world, Wilson Jnr doesn’t have to work in the banana plantation because child labour is strictly prohibited.

 Wilson’s talk brought home the realities for students of Fair Trade as opposed to Free trade. The girls also learned what it is like to live in banana paradise. Thank you to All Good Banana Company for making this talk possible.

Social Studies Insight into Rwandan Genocide

The Land of a Thousand Hills ran red with blood in 1994, during a genocide that took the lives of nearly 800,000 people who were, for the most part, ethnically-related. Year 12 Social Studies have been studying Rwanda and the ideologies and forces that contributed to this human tragedy. The students were treated to an inspirational talk by Francois Byamana, a survivor of the genocide, and successful playwright whose message of survival, humanity and hope gave us an insider’s vision into what it was like to live in Rwanda during this time. Francois is currently performing his play A Thousand Hills at the Mangere Arts Centre. His powerful message will prepare them well for the upcoming external examination.


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