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Partners Life DUAL Motutapu  - Rangitoto Traverse Saturday 22 March, 2014 Motutapu & Rangitoto Islands, Auckland banner

Partners Life DUAL Motutapu - Rangitoto Traverse Saturday 22 March, 2014 Motutapu & Rangitoto Islands, Auckland

The Partners Life DUAL is a trail run, walk, mountain bike and off-road triathlon event taking place on one of the most scenic landscapes in New Zealand, the Hauraki Gulf Islands of Motutapu and Rangitoto. The event includes seven event options that cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

The concept of the event was put together 6 years ago by the Motutapu Restoration Trust (MRT) and Total Sport, an events company in Auckland. It was set up as a fundraising initiative for the MRT to assist with their ongoing conservation efforts on Motutapu Island.
Motutapu and Rangitoto Islands are two of New Zealand’s most recent pest-free island wildlife sanctuaries having been declared free of pests in 2011. This was the result of the most complex island pest eradication project ever carried out anywhere in the world.  Motutapu is the largest restoration project currently underway in New Zealand. Funds raised through previous Partners Life DUAL events have been used to accelerate the planting of the island with native New Zealand trees and also assist with the ongoing translocation programme of critically endangered native species like Takahe and Kiwi.

What to expect on event day
The event day morning begins with a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland City, or Devonport, to Home Bay on Motutapu Island where the event base and start point for each event are located.  
You’ll then be welcomed and given some instructions about your event.  Be prepared for experiencing some awesome trails and farm land adventures, all while taking in spectacular views over Auckland City and the Hauraki Gulf. Once you’ve finished your event there is a concert to be enjoyed throughout the day and evening, which is free for all event participants.  When you’re ready to head home you’ll be able to jump on one of the return ferries from Home Bay to Auckland City, via Devonport.
The Partners Life DUAL includes seven event options:

  • 6km Run/Walk
  • 10km Run/Walk
  • 21km Half Marathon
  • 42km Marathon
  • 45km Mountain Bike (limited numbers)
  • 30km Mountain Bike (limited numbers)
  • Off-Road Triathlon (1km Swim / 30km MTB / 10km Run)

For more information and to enter visit or join us on Facebook ‘The DUAL’ to keep up to date with the latest news and information.

What people say about the Partners Life DUAL
Stacy Colyer Firstly, I’ve got to say that you guys did a top notch job. It was my first time doing a full event and I had the honour to experience The Dual. Thank you so much for organising a spectacular event. I have now well and truly caught the bug! See you next year!

Charlie Hadfield THANK YOU SO MUCH for organising once again a fantastic day on Motutapu/Rangitoto for us all. I am a very slow (but Legend!) old half marathon jogger but enjoy this event enormously - you all put in a heck of a lot of work before during and after...THANK YOU... and see you again next year

Martin Once again you and your team really delivered another great event. The Dual was great, you guys run the best events we attend. Collecting the bikes was a dream, I turned up, a nice security guard showed me where to park, then the young lads brought the bikes out, it was great. All around an awesome day and experience!

by Channel Editorial