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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Fullers: Daniel Oliver

Each month, Channel catches ‘five minutes on the ferry’ with a passenger enjoying the benefits of sailing from the North Shore.
This issue we introduce Daniel Oliver who moved to New Zealand with his family three years ago, landing in Christchurch just after the major February earthquake, they quickly relocated to Auckland and have been loving Shore life ever since. Daniel was born in Manchester, England, lived and worked in London and ran a boutique Bed and Breakfast in Wales with wife Sioned, now a teacher at Stanley Bay School. Daniel has worked as project manager for several Auckland firms before establishing his own renovation business Bathrooms North Shore in 2012. The couple have two daughters Hannah, aged 8 and Elinor, aged 7.

Name and rank?

Daniel Oliver, Owner/Managing Director, Bathrooms North Shore.

Where’s home?
Narrow Neck, on the fabulously friendly Merani Street.

Why the ferry?
By far the most scenic and stress free way of getting to the city.

Which Ferry?
Devonport, fabulous for people watching!

Top deck/bar/outside/upstairs - where is your onboard choice of spot?
Outside - weather permitting, especially if making the trip to Waiheke.

Fellow passengers - avoid eye contact/smile and vanish/sit and chat?
I find people are always a little more chatty on the last ferry back from the CBD at night!

Wishing you were getting off the ferry in...?
The Greek Island of Santorini.

What else could you do in the time it takes to travel across the harbour?
Cheesy as it may sound, every time I make that crossing I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.
Any memorable ferry crossings? I experienced one very rough crossing from Waiheke in a sub-tropical storm low on one engine!

An all-time favourite captain?
Captain Caveman. “Cavey”, the cartoon character, always attracted women without really trying!

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