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Wow this is a steep learning curve...but we are loving the challenge and so happy to see so many people enjoying our food and service, which, yes, is a little different!  But it is nice to have a tablecloth and serviettes and experience some of the old fashioned china and tea service. It is such a good mix with our store to have all the creative elements of food, craft, yarn and fabrics weaving magic memorable moments around us.

Some people have mentioned that they think maybe we will give up wool and fabric and just have a cafe...? No, this is not the case. Our whole vision has always been to have all the elements working together. We will continue to strive to have a delectable yarn range, fabulous fabrics, and all the bric-a-brac that we can have to make life easier and most of all, fun! And why not have a nice cup of tea and some Victoria Sponge to top off the experience?

We have some great fabric bargains available in store right now, so its well worth a visit to make sure you don’t miss out! We also have some really gorgeous fabrics added to our range. Kerry made me a wonderful pair of trousers out of our cotton fabric. Really nice to wear and I have received lots of comments from people asking where I bought them. So don’t just think about quilting with our fabrics, our range is suitable for dress making, furnishings and quilting. Put on your creative hat and you can do anything!
Our summer knitting cottons are going very well this year.  We have noticed a lot more people are now knitting with cotton. My pick is still the Echo Cotton which is actually recycled Jeans.  They actually cut up the jeans and recycle the fabric into knitting cotton. It knits up really well, wears well and washes very nicely in the machine - totally practical and very responsible knitting! I have two jerseys knitted from this yarn and have worn them often throughout the year.
Lastly, don’t forget there is time to make presents for Christmas or simply purchase a nice gift or gift vouchers for a loved one. It is always a nice gift to give someone you love the pleasure of choosing what they want.

Crafty Knitwits Limited, 101 Kitchener Road, Milford
09 4862724

by Channel Editorial