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KAGI Milford’s New Gem

Kagi Jewellery is proud to open their first Kagi Boutique at Milford Centre this summer. The boutique is the first stand-alone Kagi flagship, and allows customers to experience the full collection in an interactive way.

Featuring exquisite cabinetry, Kagi’s own unique blend of high quality yet affordable jewellery, and Kagi’s innovative ‘Touch & Feel Jewel Carousel’ - it is understandable that Kat Gee (Kagi Founder and Creative Director) is excited about the new venture.

“It means we are able to share the Kagi brand experience in an interactive way; where customers can play and create their own unique look to suit any occasion,” Kat enthused.
 For those of you new to Kagi Jewellery, the designer brand offers versatile gemstone collections where you can turn, reverse, connect and play; meaning wearers can obtain more looks and millage from the designs. A great example of this is their new Christmas Gem Locket and Love Locket Pendants - dramatic transformations are made easy with just the switch of an insert.
 No stranger to great opportunities, Kagi is New Zealand’s fastest growing designer jewellery brand with over 300 outlets Australasian wide. A key to Kagi’s success is the versatility of the designs, the affordable price-points, and use of real gemstones and pearls.
 We invite you to come experience Kagi in Milford today - located in the fashion end of the mall. Here you will see some exclusive designs including the new limited edition Gold Accents, Rose Gold, Bridal, Pearls, and Summer Brights - with prices starting from $39. Kagi is the
perfect way to treat yourself or someone special this Christmas.

For an impressive summer collection visit Kagi in Milford Centre, Milford Road or view the ranges online at

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