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Show-stopping light shades, vintage tables and chairs, beautiful floral arrangements, these are elements that add to the experience at what is surely one of the loveliest shopping centre eating spots around. Vauxhall Milford is the brainchild of business partners Helen Chai and Steven Shen. They are the talented team behind Vauxhall Devonport, the cool community cafe on Vauxhall Road near Cheltenham Beach in Devonport.

It is from next door to their original Devonport cafe that the design inspiration for their Milford venture originates. Leading Auckland interior designer Amanda Neill of Designworx has worked her magic in Milford Centre to create a vibrant, stylish setting for the cafe.

Amanda said: “The design was an extension of Vauxhall Devonport. We based it on a retro theme, which combined the energy of a past era and stepped it into tomorrow. We created a kaleidoscope of pattern and colour that is eye-catching and brings a youthful energy into the mall.”
Opening in June this year, Vauxhall Milford has proved a popular cafe destination for locals and visitors to the Milford Road centre. A highly professional, friendly staff team provide noteworthy good service and the coffee - the benchmark of a good cafe - is excellent. Gravity coffee has a growing following and its served expertly by accomplished baristas at Vauxhall Milford.
Helen Chai manages to juggle running this cute, colourful corner of Milford Centre with being a mum and also managing the Devonport business. She owned and ran White Flower Café in Browns Bay before taking over the Cheltenham business, and earlier this year creating a sister café in Milford. She said: “We wanted to bring elements of Vauxhall Devonport into Vauxhall Milford. I didn’t want a commercial look. Hopefully we have created somewhere stylish, modern and atmospheric within the mall too to complement our Devonport café feel.”
The menu in Milford includes beautiful bagels, Red Flannel Hash, Ricotta Hotcakes - with honeycomb butter - and reams more. The chef has over 10 years’ experience and works his magic in the considerably-sized kitchen. All the expected breakfast/brunch fare is there, and the cafe gives its own twist with the Vauxhall Brunch and also has a signature burger, similarly named. Sweet treats include beautiful brioche, muffins, scones, cakes and slices.
So when you hit Milford Shopping Centre this season, make sure you find time to stop off at Vauxhall Milford and add a delicious difference to your
shopping experience.

Vauxhall Milford, Milford Shopping Centre, Milford Road, Milford

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