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OPTOMETRY & EYEWEAR with Melissa Hay, Visique Milford


Outside the sun is really starting to gain its heat, and it is lovely to be able to get outdoors and enjoy it. We all understand how important it is to be wearing UV protection in all its forms – but I think, especially for your eyes.  A tinted pair of sunglasses are not only a fashion statement and a necessary health protector, but they also reduce the harmful glare and make our vision outside a lot more comfortable.  You can get tints in any colour or darkness – and it really doesn’t matter which you go for, just what feels best for you.  The two most common colours are grey or brown.  Grey gives the darkest protection, but a lot of people enjoy looking through brown more as it feels brighter to look through.  When I first started working in Optometry, the favourite colour of sunglasses was this awful green/brown colour!

Make the most of your leisure time

If you enjoy reading your Channel Magazine outdoors, you’ll need reading glasses to ensure that you have accurate and precise vision.  There are heaps of options for helping you read in the sun, either tinted reading sunglasses, bifocals or progressive lenses.  For sports enthusiasts, check out our range of sunglasses and polarised lenses for jogging, fishing and boating. Polarised lenses reduce reflection and glare, and improve visual clarity for crisp, clear colours.
Improve the longevity of your lenses
With advancements in lens technology, we can offer a variety of scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings which can be added to your lenses to enhance their performance and lengthen its longevity. We also offer anti-fatigue coatings which neutralise the blue light emitted by digital screens, reducing eye fatigue and eye strain. Ask us about which type of coating is best for your lifestyle.
UV inhibition
Some lenses can be specially coated to give you UV protection, and it is really important to ensure your sunglasses protect you.  I recently had someone come back from Hong Kong, and had bought a stylish brand of sunglasses.  We are able to measure the UV protection, and on doing that in practice we found that the sunglasses did not offer her any UV protection.  Instead of throwing away the sunglasses, we were able to put new lenses in there that protected her eyes – and that also gave her great vision. We opted for a progressive lens, as this allowed her to read on the beach, but also see her grandchildren playing in the water.

Slip, slop, slap and wrap
This slogan has taken on new life recently – and it is always wise to think about.  Slip on a rash shirt, slop on some suncream, slap on a hat and wrap a good pair of sunglasses!

by Melissa Hay