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HEALTH & FITNESS: Pilates Unlimited

Getting ready for summer with Pilates Unlimited

Summer is a reminder to enjoy nature and live to the fullest. Joseph Pilates, exercise pioneer, based his method on the healthy, natural movements he saw in different sports people and even in animals. At the studio, clients learn exercises with names like Rowing, Boxing, Running, Breathing, Swimming, and Fishing and there are movements called Swan, Seal, Elephant, Flying Eagle and even an impressive Grasshopper.   
In each session of authentic Pilates, clients perform exercises that strengthen vital movements from squatting and lunging to climbing stairs and skiing, from vigorous pull-ups and push-ups to the ever-important standing and sitting posture. This makes Pilates equally beneficial for busy desk workers and for keen athletes. It’s no wonder that the original Pilates method has found a loyal following at Pilates Unlimited Takapuna Beach! As we head into summer, here are some of the benefits Pilates offers to the North Shore’s work hard, play hard lifestyle.

Stretch, Strength, Control
The method centres around what Joseph Pilates called the Powerhouse: the body’s core muscles including the abdominals, buttocks, inner thighs and lower back. By creating alignment and strengthening these central muscles, clients learn to support and protect their backs. People are often surprised to learn how much they have been habitually relying on their shoulders, necks, and knees rather than using the core. The good news is that regular Pilates practice can help take pressure off the spine, making it easier to sit, drive, walk, play sports and enjoy life in general.
Flexibility is also an important component of the Pilates method. Each session includes tailored stretches, especially for the hips and legs, shoulders, and chest. Many of Pilates Unlimited’s clients enjoy golf, tennis and boating, and value the freedom of movement that Pilates gives them. Even better, the full-body movements of Pilates create awareness and coordination, ensuring that they can use their full strength and flexibility in everyday life.
The studio is in full swing until Christmas Eve and reopens on January 6. To head into 2014 with greater strength, increased control, less stress and more overall wellbeing, call Pilates Unlimited to find out how you can reap the benefits of Joseph Pilates’s work for yourself!

by Channel Editorial