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Rid your car of odours

Rob Bonnici is the Car Guy. Rob lives, eats and breathes car cleaning products and services. Having a background in chemicals, car cleaning products and now owning a seven day a week car cleaning and grooming centre, he is without a doubt the most passionate and the most knowledgeable car guy in New Zealand. Rob, along with his wife Siobhan, owns Car-fé facing the motorway in Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna. Rob is more than happy to help you out with any car cleaning issues. Email: or Phone 488-7000.

Once you have tried all the tricks you know to remove cigarette, pet and bacterial odours come and try this…

Have you ever been really excited about that purchase to upgrade your car, that over-powering fragrance has gone and a very unfriendly odour day by day consumes your car?
Or doing a good deed lending your car to a friend in need, to find that they forgot you weren’t a smoker or that you really aren’t fond of their favourite pet fragrance as they are?

A commonly asked question at Car-fe Takapuna is...
Is there any way to permanently remove cigarette, dog and milk odours from my car?
While we treat all odours quite differently, there is one common factor that we use to permanently remove them… We Ozone them.

What is Ozone?
When the oxygen (O2) that is all around us rises to the upper atmosphere, and is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, that oxygen is naturally turned into ozone (O3). 
That is the ‘ozone layer’ that protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Since ozone is heavier than air it naturally falls back to earth.  This is the ozone that naturally purifies our air and water.  Without ozone nature could not purify
our Earth.
Because it is made up entirely of oxygen, ozone is sometimes called
“activated oxygen”.
Ozone is not smog or pollution as sometimes mistakenly reported. Ozone is the second most powerful steralent in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses and odours.
Ozone also occurs commonly in nature as a result of lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The ‘fresh, clean, spring rain’ smell that we notice after a storm results from natures creation of ozone. Ozone is also created by water falls.
If natural ozone ceased to exist, life on this planet would also cease to exist. Ozone is nature’s way of purifying the air we breathe.

Contact Rob Bonnici at Carfe Takapuna or via
Email: or Phone 488-7000.

by Rob Bonnici