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Achieving your best by providing my best

Personal trainer, Ben Sims (26), found his passion in life: helping others achieve their fitness goals.
Travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures gave Ben Sims valuable knowledge and people skills. He utilises these attributes to full extent in his current profession at the YMCA North Shore fitness centre: personal training.
“I am very much a people`s person, and I have a genuine interest in working with people. Through my own experience with exercise, I discovered my passion for helping people achieve their goals. I realise that many people do not have the knowledge or motivation to do what`s necessary, and I want to help them. Because of this I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier than when a client has reached his/her goals!”
Although Ben appreciates he is one of many trainers operating on the Shore, he believes he has the skill set which places him apart from other trainers.
“There are many trainers who know a lot about exercises and how to train people but they may not be as skilled in delivering nutritional advice. My genuine interest and education in human nutrition enables me to help my client with more than just their gym workout. I can assist them in their daily food intake and ensure a safe and research based approach towards a healthy lifestyle.”
The health and well-being approach towards exercise is something Ben believes to be especially crucial, as sustainable change is the most important element to any form of training.
“My overall goal for each client is to make sustainable changes: changes I know the client will incorporate into his/her life. Too many people are concerned with ‘when should I have my protein shake’ or ‘I have to have a certain amount of meals per day’; instead of actually thinking about how much they actually eat. For example, telling a new client they have to be in the gym for one hour every day and never have a glass of wine is not only incorrect, but also unrealistic. By helping clients make realistic changes, they will be able to reach their fitness goals whilst still living their life, and they should be able to make these changes into permanent lifestyle changes!”
To contact Ben or any of the other professional trainers at YMCA North Shore call 480 7099.

by Channel Editorial