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INTERIOR TRENDS: with Amanda Niell

Spring has Sprung

Now is the perfect time of year to organise, de-clutter and update your home. Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer, talks you through how you can make the most of spring when it comes to your space.

Spring has finally arrived, and what better time to start on those home projects you haven’t quite been able to get to. Traditionally this is the time of year when we open our door, let the fresh air in and get into the garden. It’s also a great time of year to spring clean the inside of your home and de-clutter.

All of us are guilty of living with the status quo in our homes – ornaments that haven’t moved for years or furniture that has remained in the same position for as long as anyone can remember. The best way to update your space is to start seeing your home through new eyes. Is the furniture placed correctly? Have you slowly built up a collection of photos, ornaments, books or other odds and ends that really should be moved, replaced or given to a new home? There is no better way to improve the appearance of your home than to remove the clutter, organise, clean and update some of the pieces to really give it a fresh feeling.
An easy way to update your space for spring is to add a pop of colour – out with the heavy, dark colours of winter and add a pop of spring brightness to your décor. This could be anything from a new paint colour scheme in your room, new drapery, a slip cover on your sofa or even as small as new cushions on your sofa to bring life, vibrancy and colour back into your décor.
Adding some natural elements to your décor really brings the outside in. Flowers and indoor plants are a tried and true way to brighten your home for spring. To really bring spring into your home select flowers that are in season to bring a sense of living in the moment. Nothing freshens a room more than a beautiful arrangement in a beautiful vase to really light up a space.
By making a few simple changes you can create the space that reflects you and your style. What better time of year than now - spring is a time full of energy and promise of the sunshine to come. By starting on your home now you will reap the rewards and can enjoy the space over the festive and summer periods with your family and friends.
We have a beautiful range of spring pieces in our showroom which will really bring spring into your home, as well a great range of gifts for Christmas arriving daily. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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by Amanda Neill