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Business Improvement District (BID) Update

Our BID project is a partnership project between the Auckland Council and the Devonport Business Association and is part of an ongoing regional programme focused on improving business precincts throughout Auckland.   

Devonport is one of the few business precincts on the North Shore that is yet to join the successful BID partnership programme.  Other very successful local BIDs include Takapuna and Milford.
It’s our turn!!!
The first meeting has now been held by the Devonport business owners and their landlords to discuss our BID project.   
They have settled on an agreed “Vision” for Devonport moving forward:   
“To create a prosperous and vibrant local economy and a unique atmosphere to attract locals and visitors.”

They support their vision by endorsing the following initial Goals for our Devonport Business Community:
To improve the customer service offered to both locals and visitors by developing, strengthening the “Devonport Brand”.
To build a strong Devonport Business Association.  That supports and meets the local economy and also lobbies on behalf of its members.
To improve the physical environment provided to the Community of Devonport.
To develop a strong and attractive Tourism package that will entice tourists to Devonport.   
To integrate Devonport to the wider town of Auckland precinct.

This is a living project and it is expected over time that our goals will be challenged, debated and improved with input from all stakeholders.
This change process to Goals is already factored into the BID programme.
Voting to approve our BID project remains on track for Feb/March 2014.

by Murray Hill