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Hi everyone! Are we all starting to get excited about the summer? Summer, of course, means lots of abundant fresh fruits and vegetables and long summer evenings sitting around the barbie!
Our recipe this month is a delicious and very healthy rice salad. You can enjoy this dish as a main meal with a green salad, or serve it with your favourite barbequed meat. Our kids have always loved this salad and when they were young, it was a great way to get them eating a few veges! When we make it, we sometimes add fresh baby spinach leaves and also nuts. Play with it, as there are so many delicious ingredients you can add to it.
Now a little bit of history. Rice is an ancient food, which was first cultivated in China 6,000 years ago, however recent archaeological discoveries have found primitive rice seeds and ancient farm tools dating back around 9,000 years.
Brown rice is an excellent source of fibre and manganese and a good source of selenium, magnesium, B1, B3, B6, phosphorus and iron. The difference between brown and white rice isn’t just the colour. Only the outer most layer, the hull, is removed to produce brown rice. This process is the least damaging to nutritional value.  To produce white rice, the process includes removing the bran and germ layers and then polishing the rice. The results are white rice is simply refined starch that is largely bereft of the original nutrients.

So, here’s the recipe:
2 cups of brown rice
4 rashers of bacon chopped
1 large carrot coarsely grated
250g baby mushrooms sliced
125g snow peas cut in thirds
4 spring onions chopped

½ cup of your favourite healthy oil
½ cup brown vinegar
2 tsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil

Cook rice as per instructions on package. Sautee bacon until crisp. Add remaining vegetables and stir fry until tender. Add rice and dressing and stir fry until heated through.
This recipe serves six and can actually be eaten hot or cold.
Hope you enjoy this very healthy and flavoursome salad!

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