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Crafty Knitwits Cafe NOW OPEN!

Fancy a good old fashioned cup of tea?  Or a very nice cup of Tiger Coffee? A High Tea platter or just a scrumptious slither of cake? Or maybe Devonshire Tea with scones and club sandwiches?

Well now you can pop into Crafty Knitwits for a bit of ‘me-time’. It’s a quiet haven to sit and have a chat with friends or simply browse through the patterns with a cuppa! This is an old-fashioned service that we are offering to fit with our very crafty little corner!

Knitathon Update
As I write this, we are still counting the funds raised for the Child Cancer Foundation through the Knitathon. We seem to be at the $7,000 mark, which is still quite short of our $20K aspirations. However, we had fun raising the money and expect we will raise a little more yet through the bucket collection, which will come in next week. So I will report back on our final achievement once all collected and counted...
We have had some wonderful people helping to make this happen and some fantastic support from our suppliers and quilters. Harcourts’ Auctioneers did a brilliant job for us, auctioning 49 items in one session is no mean task - harder than auctioning one house! They were great professionals with a brilliant sense of humour, which meant a lot of auction tension and most of all, lots of fun! Special thanks to the wonderful quilt makers Linda Smalley, Chrissie Raethel and Glen Weir and the very generous Longarm Machine Quilters, Susan Trendall, Helen Harford and Judi Schon.

Renovation Sale
Most of you will know we have had a fairly extensive renovation going on and have decided some stock must go. So we have some ridiculous prices on many fabrics, eg. $5 per metre on selected fabrics and lots of nick nacks going for really good prices. It’s worth checking out now before it all goes!

Lampshade Kits
We have some really cool DIY Lampshade and Waste Paper kits in store - pick your own fabric and do it yourself!   

Don’t forget to drop in for a cup and have a lovely quiet browse through the yarns and fabric. It’s the best me-time activity in uptown Milford!

Crafty Knitwits Limited, 101 Kitchener Road, Milford 09 4862724 / 02121647

by Channel Editorial