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Trolls and Basement Dwellers

As a child I was told that TROLLS lived under bridges...maybe they still do?

The habitat of Basement Dwellers however is the basement of other folks’ homes, but they are usually also quite ‘at home’ in garages, sheds, op shops, flea markets and the few secondhand and collectibles shops still remaining. The Basement Dweller can also very easily ‘morph into’ Curb Side Crawlers’ in the Inorganic Refuse Collection Season. They are therefore multi-faceted creatures of some stealth and wit with a huge passion for other peoples’ junk - ‘treasures’ that is! I have several good Basement Dweller friends who often turn up here at the shop with a boot load of precious ‘salvaged goods’ and together we ‘pick though it’ like old chooks having a frenzied feed. With their restless energy and ‘need’ to discover new treasures daily the Basement Dwellers of today would surely have been the Adventurers and Explorers of 100 plus years ago! Now, The Basement Dwellers and offshoot ‘tribes’ are not to be ‘slighted’ as they are wonderful recyclers of “Stuff”. The Op-Shop Tribe for instance are quite relentless in their quest to unearth bargains to either be cherished or perhaps sold to make a few bucks on TradeMe or such online sites. Without their regular ‘fix’ of op-shopping, depression may well occur! The Flea Market Flog It Tribe are a true revelation
- a tough bunch, they troll the Garage Sales at sparrow fart of a Saturday Morning, can spend hours getting their treasures sorted for Sunday’s market, then rise at, like, 3am or so to get to the markets and set up their stalls in the dark. However, such is their absolute dedication to ‘Treasure Hunting’ many then make a mad dash around fellow stall holders’ stalls to get ‘first dibs’ on what’s on offer before poor old ‘Joe Punter’ ever arrives at the markets. Must be some truth in that old saying ‘The early birds get the worms”! A Wet Sunday is the Flea Market Floggers’ Worst Nightmare!
Well, it’s all ‘made to go around’ isn’t it, and life would be so much less fun without The Basement Dwellers and their Sub Tribes wouldn’t it!
Molloy’s of Milford Antiques Centre. 2-162 Kitchener Road, Milford.

by Bernard Molloy