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OPTOMETRY & EYEWEAR with Melissa Hay, Visique Milford

20/20 Vision Without Glasses or Surgery?

This month Channel contributor Melissa Hay of Visique Milford Optometrists shares with readers the revolutionary vision correction solution on offer at her practice...

Does someone in your family want or need to be able to see clearly without needing glasses but perhaps the thought of surgery is not appealing. Maybe your family has a history of poor eyesight and your child’s vision is beginning to deteriorate. Recent advancements in contact lens technology mean that at Visique Milford Optometrists can now correct your vision while you sleep.

Visique Milford Optometrists are proud to have introduced Ortho-K or Orthokeratology to the North Shore - the only non-surgical procedure that involves the use of specially crafted contact lenses worn overnight to gently reshape your cornea while you sleep. Upon waking, you will have 20/20 vision without the use of correcting lenses or glasses during the day. Furthermore, another major benefit of Ortho-K is that it slows down the progression of short-sightedness. If you have poor eyesight in your family Ortho-K in children and teenagers is the answer to give them better quality of life.
Ortho-K is a safe, reversible and a proven method of vision correction, and is an affordable alternative to laser surgery. We are excited to announce that we are fully equipped and authorized to perform Orthokeratology. When you come in for your 15 min free check, our corneal topographer machine will map out the shape of your cornea. Your cornea is the clear bit on the front of your eye and the process is completely painless and does not touch the eye. It’s a bit like looking into telescope with lots of concentric circles. If you are suitable to go ahead with Ortho K we can book you in for one of our comprehensive eye exams and sort you out with Ortho K contact lenses. We will spend time with you to make sure you understand how it works and how to look after your lenses including follow up appointments to make sure you are getting the best results.
Ortho K is not just for young people, so if you would like to talk to us about it you can have a no obligation, free 15 minute consultation to see if this exciting new technology is suitable for you.

Logan Cooke, one of Visique Milford’s Ortho-K Specialists has seen the benefits of this treatment with patients:
At the end of September I was examining an 11 year old girl’s eyes for the first time. She had come to us because her mother noticed that her daughter couldn’t see street signs as well as she could. She is an academically successful student who is also a very good tennis player.
When examining her eyes it was found that her distance vision was 3x worse than the limits for driving standards. She couldn’t even see the biggest letter on the chart from the testing chair.
I discussed with her mum all the options they had to correct her vision, but we decided to fit her into Ortho-K lenses. These are hard contact lenses that you sleep in overnight, and during the day you don’t have to wear anything – not glasses and not contact lenses.
Within one week of fitting her in Ortho-K lenses she was seeing 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day. During the first week of the school holidays she participated in a tennis tournament down in Christchurch and she exceeded both her parents and her coach’s expectations. She is pleased with the results of her Ortho-K and what it has done for her in the short time, both in the classroom and on the court. And, importantly we know her shortsightedness isn’t going to get any worse!

by Melissa Hay