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Recycling to Runway at VIP Milford Event

Trashy fashion isn’t a concept that is often coveted by many, but a combination of environmental awareness and style came to fashionable fruition last month at the Milford Centre.
Schools Trash to Fashion is an Auckland Council-run competition, which aims to create awareness of environmental impact and to encourage young people to come up with creative ways of reducing the waste they send to landfill.
Takapuna Normal Intermediate School teamed up with the Milford Centre management to showcase the designs at a VIP evening set amongst the Centre’s stylish stores.
Teacher Eleanor Batley said: “Aside from the environmental side to the competition, we also offer ‘T2F’ because we feel very strongly that textiles is the forgotten subject at Intermediate School.
“We see fashion and textiles as an area of development for New Zealand. If we can train students to have an awareness of textiles and clothes construction they will have job opportunities in New Zealand and worldwide in the future.”
This year, more than 50 students from TNIS were involved in creating 16 outfits for Trash to Fashion. Eleanor said: “We were overwhelmed by the creativity, motivation and independence of our entrants. Sometimes I can’t believe they are only 11 and 12 years old. We feel very lucky to have had 12 garments go into the finals and to go on to win three awards.”
Eleanor was delighted the Milford Centre had provided this opportunity. She said: “It was fantastic for students to experience the workings of a public show. Also for them to stand alongside real models and real retailers and to take their work to the next level. Shy students have gained the confidence to stand up in front of public audiences and it has been great to watch them come out of
their shells!”
VIP’s were invited to the Milford Road centre for the celebration night which saw retailers and centre management mix and mingle with students and fashion-focused guests. Retailers at the Centre also took the opportunity to showcase clothing from their latest collections on the runway.
“We have had a fantastic experience with the Milford Centre and hope to reflect, improve and build on it in the future,” Eleanor added.

by Channel Editorial