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Grasshoppers in the Gym?

Form and technique are crucial parts of training and adidas has the perfect range of training footwear for those dead lifts, squats and much more.

Previously I always wore my running shoes to the gym and wondered why I couldn’t get the correct form or results. Once I purchased a pair of the adidas adipure 360 trainers, my form started to improve. I complained that I looked like a grasshopper in the mirror but my trainer informed me that it was the correct way to look…I felt ridiculous but apparently you are supposed to.

Who can argue with that? Now the adidas adipure 360 trainers are the only shoe that I wear to the gym and I have had successful results with reaching my training goals. Of course it’s not just the shoes that helped me reach my goals, but they definitely helped get me there. And I think that they would be the shoe for you too.
adipure training is designed to activate and strengthen muscles you never knew you had. The 360 trainer promotes pure and natural movement in the gym by harnessing the body’s natural mechanics and improving body awareness. adidas’ concept is that they are one step closer to barefoot and this particular model is the bridge between standard trainers and barefoot trainers. Their ideal consumer would be a moderate to expert trainer who would like to have a flexible yet supportive trainer that enables natural foot movement.

Here are four main technical aspects about these shoes that I think you should know:
Forefoot - wide forefoot to increase the lateral support.
Raised midsole - increases forefoot stability for lateral movements.
Deep flex grooves - various anatomically placed channels for increased flexibility to enhance your natural training.
Asymmetrical anatomical design - to support natural training motion. A full bootie construction for maximum comfort.

So come in and try on these shoes today. Change the way you train and we can all look like grasshoppers together in the gym!
By Grace Carmichael - Assistant Manager, Stirling Sports Takapuna.
RRP: $139.99

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