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Summer Sun and See

Just as sunblock and sun hats have become accepted as a necessary part of protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, the use of sunglasses to provide protection and comfort to the eyes has become common practice.

Combining a visual correction with the sun protection is helpful to those whose vision can be improved. While this is often a distance correction, it can be equally beneficial to those whose distance vision is good but require reading assistance. A zone of reading correction incorporated into a prescription sunglass can enable the wearer to sit outdoors and read (at a café, on the deck, or at the beach) or glance down and check their cell phone or tie a fish hook.

Many of the sunglasses Haydon Optometrists carry are suitable for being made up in prescriptions. They can incorporate a wide range of lens designs and top end lens technology (e.g. polarization, photochromic tints, anti-reflection coating, and genuine Maui Jim treatment).
The 2013 sunglass collections from the Californian brand Salt and New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester follow the current optical fashion direction of ‘modern classics’. The Maui Jim sunglass range is famous for the quality of its polarized lenses which are excellent for reducing the sunlight glare that is so strong during a New Zealand summer. They are among the best available for water sports.
More than having an excellent range of sunglass frame and lens options, Haydon Optometrists have optical dispensing staff whose skill and knowledge will help you obtain a perfect sunglass for a perfect summer.

by Channel Editorial