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In this month’s column we congratulate our elected Councillors and Local Board representatives; celebrate the success of a number of Takapuna businesses and provide readers the opportunity to win some marvelous prizes simply by letting us know of examples of your experiences whilst shopping in Takapuna. Hope to see you here soon. – Pete

Shop Takapuna

A bonus for Channel readers this month and your chance to win a $10,000 Xmas Shopping Spree

As you will discover (see back pages), included with this issue of Channel is our special Shop Takapuna Magazine. A 30 plus page supplement superbly put together by Cat (Catherine Howell of the TBBA) in conjunction with the team at Channel Magazine, highlighting many of the wonderful shopping treats that are available at Takapuna Beach.

Shop Takapuna, which also includes interesting profiles with local retailers, provides full details of our $10,000 Xmas Shopping Spree promotion that runs through November and December with a grand prize draw after the closing day of December 19th.

Local Body Elections

Congratulations to Chris Darby, Grant Gillon and Allison Roe on their success at the recent Local Body elections. Chris represents us on the governing body as Councillor for the North Shore Ward and Grant and Ally are the new representatives on the Local Board. Congratulations too, to incumbents Councillor George Wood, and Local Board members Jan O’Connor, Mike Cohen, Joe Bergin and Dianne Hale who all retained their seats. We would also like to thank both Ann Hartley and Kevin Schwass for their outstanding leadership and support over many years.

Great customer experience, the path to success

Great customer experience is delivered from the heart, not the head. Global research tells us that the world’s 50 fastest growing enterprises are organised around ideals of improving people’s lives, by relentlessly pursuing customer experience excellence. Most businesses start out with an ideal about how they want to make a difference; successful businesses understand the pathway to success is by being truly customer focused and consistently delivering this at every customer touch point. This isn’t about a rule book, it’s about being really clear about the difference you want to make in your customers’ lives and genuinely delivering it, day in, day out, no matter what type or size your business is. That’s how you achieve excellence. Takapuna Beach’s ideal is to become The Customer Experience Capital of the World and who better to help with this than customers themselves?

Putting the customer at the heart of the business

Seeking and acting on timely customer feedback is key to achieving this goal. Colmar Brunton has a strong commitment to helping businesses of all sizes provide great customer experience and thus improve and grow their business.

Bearing in mind that if a person has a good service experience they tell nine people but if they have a bad experience they tell 13, then it’s preferable that the business itself gets this feedback so it can act on it, good or bad. Providing customers with an easy way to give honest feedback on their experience at the time, or close to the time they have it, is invaluable. By utilising a real time feedback loop a business can listen, understand and act very effectively to ensure they stay on top of their game.

To support the Takapuna Beach initiative Colmar Brunton is making available e-Say, a very clever and simple customer satisfaction tool that can be instantly activated by a customer to provide real time feedback to an individual business. This not only provides customer ratings, but very simply sorts and provides the reasons behind the ratings. Questions are crafted by the experts at Colmar Brunton and identity of respondents remains confidential unless they consent otherwise. How to participate will be clearly displayed in all participating businesses and as a thank you, best scoring businesses and customers go into a draw to win 80 minutes of pure Bliss from Bliss Reflexology in Takapuna. Each participating business receives a link to their own results, easily viewable in the office or the lunch room. The TBBA will have an overview of feedback from all participating businesses so they can gauge the impact of the campaign and reward outstanding results.

We all have a part to play in making Takapuna Beach the Customer Experience Capital of the World. With our own ideal of ‘Better Business, Better World’, Colmar Brunton is pleased to support businesses and customers of Takapuna to achieve this right here, right now. (Thank you to Vanessa Clark – Colmar Brunton)

Had a great customer experience in Takapuna?

– Be in the draw to win 85 minutes of pure Bliss

Each month we will give Takapuna shoppers the opportunity to win a fabulous prize from Bliss Reflexology in Takapuna. Simply scan the QR code; email (; phone (092154347) or text me (0274778485) with details of your customer experience and you could win an 80-minute Bliss treatment.

Don’t forget to include your name; email address and a brief description of the experience received and preferably the name of the person who made the difference (as we will also present him or her with 80 minutes of pure Bliss).

This month’s winner - Como Street Café.

James Sax from Como St cafe is the definition of excellent customer service. He welcomes you when you walk in, is always interested in what your up to, has a great rapport with all of his customers, no matter what age. He always has a smile on his face and goes out of his way to brighten up your day. His excellent customer service and attitude rubs off on his staff making it an enjoyable experience. making you want to go back - Ashley.

Congratulations to both James and Ashley who will each receive a Bliss gift vouchers.

Existing Takapuna Beach businesses reap the rewards of providing exceptional customer service
Feedback received from Takapuna customers:

Hannahs - Shore City. I recently needed to purchase some shoes for a family member residing in a rest home. It is not easy shopping for someone else, especially when it is for shoes! All the staff at Hannahs were exceptionally helpful but Susan and Charlotte really made the experience pleasant, nothing was too much trouble, allowing me to exchange or return the shoes as necessary. After three trips to the store, two pairs of perfect-fitting shoes were found. The service was efficient, understanding, friendly and made a huge difference to the comfort of an elderly lady and myself - Dorothy.

Vodafone - Shore City. My iPhone had stopped working and was outside of the 12-month warranty. Evan from Shore City sent the phone in for repair because, as it was still under contract, he felt it should be covered by the consumer guarantees act. We then found that as it was a business phone the act did not apply, however Evan went into battle for us, and, through my Vodafone business manager, managed to get it covered. It would have been very easy for Evan not to accept the phone in the first place, but he went the extra mile - Jayne.

Latin Larder. The staff at Latin Larder are always happy and friendly and the menu is excellent. The older woman remembers you from previous visits and the older guy taking the orders is always very efficient and chatty. Coffee is excellent too - Gill.

The Booklover. Tom Beran always goes out of his way to help you select the right book for any occasion. Whether it is a selection of books for your bookclub, a novel or non-fiction to entice a reluctant teenager to read or a gift for young or old; you can be assured that he will guide you to the perfect book ­- Desiree.

Cafe Melba. Justine is always so pleasant and is like a ray of sunshine on morning when there is possibly little to smile and be happy about. She is wonderful breath of fresh air - Jonathan.

Takapuna Beach receives accolades

Congratulations to Naomi Ballantyne and Partners Life who recently won the coveted Supreme Westpac Auckland North Business Excellence Award and also to Sam Cunningham (Belgain Beer Café) who was crowned the official Stella Artois Draught Master for New Zealand. Sam will go on to represent New Zealand at the Stella Artois World Draught Masters, held in Cannes, France in 2014. Features on their achievements are included in this issue of Channel Magazine.

It was also pleasing to see that Hurstmere Green won a prestigious accolade at the 2013 Auckland Architecture Awards in the Planning and Urban Design category. The park, which was redeveloped last year, provides a better link between Hurstmere Road to Takapuna Beach and gives locals a public space they can be proud of.

Techapuna gaining momentum

Takapuna is quickly morphing into “Techapuna” with a number of IT companies establishing themselves here. It is most pleasing to see Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED) assisting in encouraging this sector to relocate to Takapuna, citing the lifestyle and location as being ideal. A number of these companies are having a significant impact globally, including Booktrack.

Booktrack – Creating a New Medium for the World from Takapuna

Booktrack are creators of a world-leading technology that is revolutionising the book publishing landscape – and they’re taking on the world from the North Shore.

Booktrack is a company that seeks to deliver something new for today’s generation of technically savvy readers. The power of reading on computers and devices means that it doesn’t just have to be plain text, yet that’s all that anyone has delivered up until now. The founders, Mark and Paul Cameron, identified this opportunity and created Booktrack Studio, an online service that provides writers with new tools to communicate their creative vision by adding an accompanying soundscape.

It’s an immensely powerful tool and people are paying attention: while just released a mere four weeks ago writers and readers alike are flocking to try out the new technology.

Booktrack was featured in Channel last month, you can read this on our website ( or visit

by Peter White