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Unusual-shaped window? We’ve got it covered.

It was certainly an eighties thing, though we still come across them being installed today. We even have one in our own home. Those odd shaped windows; triangular, pencil-like and even round. Windows that are hard to access or just poorly located for light control or ventilation.

They were often considered an integral part of the design and installed without a thought for the comfort or privacy of those living there. Many, many times we have been asked to find solutions for customers who have one of these nightmares keeping them awake at night.

Duette, or honeycomb, blinds have always been a great tool in the arsenal of products we can use to solve some of the problems these windows present. They can be made in a variety of shapes, insulate very, very well and can give excellent blockout effect as they fit very closely to the sides of the window frames. I recently came across a great new variation on this that suits the really hard to access windows; the ones in a stairwell, or that highlight window above the bed. An American manufacturer has come up with a small motorised, battery-operated system that fits neatly in the headrail and is controlled by radio remote. Now you can have efficient light control and insulation in all those hard to access places. Because it is battery-operated you do not require any expensive re-wiring and it is simple to operate. Of course you have to change the batteries from time to time, but they last up to 3000 movements so you won’t have to worry about this for years. Cost-wise they work out less expensive in the larger sizes than a manually operated blind, but are more expensive in the smaller sizes. We recently installed six of them on a boat where you had to climb across the bunks to get to the windows. Pretty cool when you can stand in the saloon and, at the push of a button, close all
the blinds.
Of course we also still make allsorts of other alternatives for tricky windows. Special shaped Roman blinds and curtains are no problem. After more than 50 years in the window décor business we think we have come across just about every window treatment problem there is. Simply give us a call and one of our consultants can pop around and discuss a solution for this or any other Décor problem.

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