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Rosmini students present their research in Singapore

Rosmini College Year 12 students Matthew Clode, Jonathan Mannes and Layton Wright presented their research projects at the Inaugural International Youth Sports Science Conference.
The event was hosted by The Raffles Institution in Singapore. Students from twelve top schools in Asia, Africa, Australasia and North America participated in presenting their research projects and posters alongside other students and experts in the sport sciences.
Clode, Mannes and Wright’s original research on the forces applied to a thrown soccer ball explains how some goal keepers are able to throw the ball in a horizontal plane over great distances. The study focused in the Magnus Effect of the spun ball and the ground reaction forces. The project has spun off several other potential studies for the students to consider.
Sport science is a growing area of specialisation combining physical, chemical and biological sciences to improve performance. Clode said that “It really expanded my mind into the potential of research in sport, and brought different countries together to share their insight into new ideas and concepts around sporting research and development."
Wright indicated that “The hosting of the event was very professional. The presentations were of a high standard and were very relevant to the sports world today. It was also a pleasure to meet and interact with the other students from all over the world, each with their own unique culture”. The link with the host school, Raffles Institution, was forged last November when thirty of their students were hosted by Rosmini College and spent a week working with exercise scientists at Massey University and at AUT’s Millenium Institute of Sport. Participants found that quality of the presentations and the sharing that took place during the boys six day trip to Singapore was invaluable.  The Symposium will become an annual event. Next year the event will be hosted in Sydney.

Science of Achievement
Rosmini College, famously known for sporting and individual academic achievements is now encouraging students to do science.
Our school was asked by the Liggins Institute to assist in soil sampling and DNA Sequencing.

Two students Paul and Joseph volunteered to help this research project lead by Dr Justin O’Sullivan.
The soil sampling and DNA Sequencing conducted by Liggins Institute is to understand the DNA distribution around Auckland Soil. Whole preparation for DNA sequencing 70 soil samples took about 7 hours of work in the lab.
The soil DNA sequencing required extracting soil samples from many different locations which was done by dozens of high schools (secondary schools) students (including Rosmini College students) around North Shore. Second part required long precision work of chemical process and moving small amount of samples to different lab tubes and using lab equipment such as a centrifuge to extract DNA.
The entire process was to extract about 0.20 ml of  DNA from 25 grams of 70 different samples of soil. These samples will be sequenced later on by the Liggins Institute. In mid-September we will be going back to the labs to DNA sequence 4 soil samples that we have extracted around our school.

Rosmini Tennis
Rosmini tennis is going from strength to strength. We have been successful in encouraging our most talented players to commit to both school and interclub competitions.

Many are involved in Tennis Northern squads and play tournaments regularly. Our number one players in both teams, Niko Scown-Vazquez and Patrick Yarker, were members of Tennis Northern teams competing in the Nationals event in April. As a result, we are becoming increasingly competitive.
In the Term One round robin our Rosmini senior team finished top of the A2 grade and our Intermediate team was a close second in their A2 table. Both teams are already training hard in a bid to win promotion to the A1 grade for 2014. Rosmini has qualified only once before for A1, but did not have enough boys returning to be able to take up the opportunity. This year the bulk of the squad will be returning. If we are successful in winning promotion we will certainly take the challenge. The boys have tremendous support from parents. The senior team will be looking smart in jackets sponsored by the AUT Business school, when play resumes. We thank them for their generosity. We also thank parent/coach Ivar de Jong, who is working with the boys in their preparation. The decider series will be played in September, with the final matches in Term 4. The College community wishes the boys well in their quest for promotion.

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