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Kristin Junior School PYP Exhibition

Kristin recently celebrated the success of our Year 6 students with the annual PYP Exhibition. Arguably the most important assessment-based event of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), the Exhibition represents over nine weeks’ work for the students who have each chosen their own subject area to investigate.
The Exhibition requires students to engage in a collaborative inquiry process that involves them identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems in the context of their local and global community. It provides the platform for students to display the skills, attitudes and behaviours developed over their entire schooling experience in the IB PYP.
A wide range of print, multimedia, concept and interactive work was produced by the students and displayed in the school’s Library Information Centre for the weeklong exhibition. The subjects and issues ranged from Child Poverty and the challenges of Beef Farming, to the Impact of Technology on the Development of Artificial Limbs and Professional Sport. Over the course of the Exhibition Year 6 students took tours and explained their work to younger students, staged a component of their work in two live presentations and celebrated their achievement with friends and family. This year the Exhibition has featured a significant growth in digital media and resources; a result of Kristin’s school-wide digital learning programme. Most notable are the QR codes that feature on many of the student displays. These simple icons link viewers to over 100 digital documents and student-made videos related to their investigations. During the week of the Exhibition these videos were viewed over 2,000 times, and in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Kristin Student’s Concert for Radio Lollipop

On 1 October, students from schools all over Auckland arrived at Kristin School’s Auditorium for Kids Helping Kids, a fundraising concert in aid of Radio Lollipop, all thanks to the efforts of one Year 13 Kristin School student.
Shayna Bridger is a big believer in the work of Radio Lollipop and has seen the impact that can be made in the daily lives of patients through fun, laughter and activities. This has motivated Shayna to do what she can to raise the profile of a charity that she feels passionately about while also raising much-needed funds.
With the help of a Westpac Service Scholarship, Shayna put the call out to schools across Auckland, inviting musicians and performers to take part in the Kids Helping Kids concert that would raise money through ticket sales. Students from Kristin School, Rangitoto College, Birkenhead College, Long Bay College, Saint Kentigern, Kaipara College, Pinehurst School, and Mangere College jumped at the opportunity to take part.
The performance was recorded and will be rebroadcast throughout New Zealand via Radio Lollipop’s Starship branch and sister stations across the country.
With approximately 50 hours invested in the project, Shayna has maintained a clear vision since preparations began earlier this year. From the very start it was important to Shayna that the concert be broadcast to the children in hospital via Radio Lollipop.
“I wanted to put on this show to raise funds and awareness of Radio Lollipop, but it is important that the kids in hospital could experience the music too,” she says. “By hearing the music that has been performed especially for them by these talented musicians, we wanted the kids to know that there are lots of people out here who wish to make their time in hospital better.”
As with any charity that depends on volunteers, Radio Lollipop’s biggest challenge is resourcing. Shayna and her team were determined to make a difference to help support this worthy cause while continuing to raise Radio Lollipop’s profile. “After seeing how Radio Lollipop works and what it does for those kids in hospital, I wanted to make sure the volunteers have the ability to continue the amazing work that they do. I want to see those kids in hospital with a smile on their face as they’re singing along to the radio or doing some arts and crafts, and know that I helped in some small way. It is a worthy cause and I knew that no matter whether we raised $200 or $2000, that money is going to make a huge difference and it’s going to make the lives of those kids in hospital just a little bit better.”
Radio Lollipop is an international charity whose volunteers provide a care, comfort, play and entertainment service for children and young people in hospitals throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Radio Lollipop believes in the healing power of play - providing smiles and laughter to children at a time when they need it most.

Euphony’s Golden Year
Following on from their outstanding UK tour in June, Euphony has once again taken Gold at the Big Sing Finale where they were named as one of the top 5 secondary school choirs in New Zealand.
Kristin’s premier girls’ choir has now won major awards at six Big Sing National Finals since 2007, including four Gold awards and two Silvers.
This latest achievement caps off a brilliant season for the girls; one that has taken them across the world to the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales where they sang with the world’s elite and took 3rd place in the Female Choir division and 7th Senior Children’s choir award.

by Channel Editorial