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Spring exhibitions at Lake House

Lake House has a lush and lavish programme of exhibitions opening in October…
First up is costume maker Chantelle Gerrards Bustle. Chantelle brings together recreated historic costume and the visual arts by exhibiting selected costume pieces spanning the last 500 years and art works that have been made to compliment them. Showing from the 1st – 20th October.
In the Café gallery we are lucky to be showing talented local artist, Kim Randall, in her first solo show. Moments of Equanimity brings together a number of Kim’s drawings, prints and paintings from the past year. Equanimity is a state of mind; being mentally calm and even-tempered especially in difficult situations.  This exhibition responds visually to this notion with moments when this state of mind is realised, acknowledged or required. It has a strong reference back to nature giving a feeling of harmony and helping to balance a chaotic mind. The exhibition aims to give the viewer a feeling of calmness, in order to question what must be overcome. Also showing from the 1st – 20th October.
Following the fabric and flounces of Bustle will be an exhibition that promises a different type of beauty and delicacy – Frances and John Hanson’s Summer of Glass.
Although John and Frances have exhibited their work over a number of years and won awards at shows, this will be their first solo show. From John’s beautiful glass flowers, plates and platters to Frances’ sculptures, wall works and sterling silver, bronze and glass bead jewellery; this will be the most extensive display of their work to date. Showing from the 22nd Oct – 3rd November.
Jacqueline Letham is exhibiting in the Café gallery at the same time with a follow up exhibition to her popular To Catch a Glimpse exhibition last year. This exhibition is titled A Fleeting Glimpse and again features beautiful drawings of birds interacting with whatever or whomever they choose.
 “Birds are busy and the old saying “there is a pecking order” comes to mind. Sometimes I feel part of their world but occasionally birds invade mine.” Jacqueline Letham. Showing from the 22nd Oct – 3rd November.
Please check our website, email or phone (09) 486 4877 for more information and bookings.

Lake House Arts Centre is located on Barry’s Point Reserve in Takapuna, housed in a beautiful 19th century Edwardian/Victorian  heritage building that once stood on Takapuna Beach. The Lake House has a constantly changing exhibition programme, a café with delicious homemade fare, artists studio’s and a vibrant and varied arts education programme with  something for every member of the family, including weekend workshops, after school classes, holiday programmes and adult daytime classes.  Lake House is open 9:30am – 4pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Closed on public holidays.

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