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Y-Gymnastics Awards

YMCA teaches gymnastics, agility and fundamental movement skills for children of all ages.
YMCA is proud of our award-winning gymnastics term programmes, which cater for pre-schoolers through to teens. The classes start with a focus on fundamental movement skills. This assists in the development of your child's balance, strength and flexibility and other gross movement skills which they can carry on into their gymnastic development or any other sport they choose to do.
Each week the programme changes and is based around a dominant movement pattern, including a reiteration of the previous week's learnings. Each class builds on the skills taught in the preceding classes. Our programmes use a wide range of colourful and imaginative equipment.
Please note that a participating adult is required at all preschool classes.
The Y-Gymnastics Awards Programme acknowledges the progression your child makes as they develop their skills. Starting with our skill cards at four years of age they progress to our more advanced levels from six years onward where ribbons and medals are awarded. The Advanced Award Scheme requires demonstration of gymnastic skills and conditioning in a friendly, non-threatening testing arena.    
For all levels of the Awards Programme progression to the next level is acknowledged by certificate. In conjunction with Skills Active, the Industry Training Organisation for sports, fitness and recreation, YMCA has developed a training programme for gymnastics instructors. This training programme is the minimum requirement for all of our staff.

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